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About Us.[plant protein ingredients industry]Original title□△○•: US media said China is looking for “quantum surprise•▽”▲▼: or offset the US invisible technology advantage reference news network March 18th reported on the US ▽○”Atomic Scientist Online” website on March 1 issue to “China in seeking” quantum surprise ” ? “One article. The author is the new US Safety Center passenger researcher Ershaki. The article is extracted as follows: Artificial intelligence hype is close to the peak. The new round of speculation of quantum technology is also rising, especially quantum calculations. What happens when these two rounds of speculation is in the same period▼▷-●? How is it▪◆▼: just the hype▪◁? Still causing truly dangers in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, it is likely to be a potential military “revolution-•▪■”●…△▪? Of course, both technologies have the characteristics of “new power•○■◆”◆•★, and it is indeed possible to change all departments and create n.

China News Agency, May 26 (Reporter), Journalists learned from the China Water Resources Department on the 26th that the South will open a new round of heavy rainfall on the 26th, and the situation is increasingly serious. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Water Resources, they have been affected by the continuous rainfall since May 19th, Hunan Xiangjiang■○•○, Jiangxi Jiangjiang, Zhejiang Qiantang River, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi Guijiang and other 10 provinces (district, city) total 61 rivers Floods above the police, the maximum superposition is 0.01 ~ 3.59 meters. At present○▲, the above super police river water level has been retired or less▽-, and the water level in Poyang Lake is still fluctuating. The meteorological department forecast, starting on the 26th…=, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and other places will begin a new round of heavy rainfall. Water Resources Departme-■-☆!

Source: Meteorological Beijing Meteorological Observatory released 5 oclock in the evening: Today, cloudy, there is a light fog, the south wind is left to the north wind 1▼▲▽, 2, the lowest temperature – 4 ° C; tomorrow, sunny to cloud, north Nanfeng 2,3 level 4, the highest temperature is 6 ° C◆•▽. There is a light fog tonight, the visibility has dropped, please pay attention to traffic safety. Seasonal season, the temperature difference between day and night is large=•☆, pay attention to the timely increase or decrease in clothing…□■, beware of colds▲□•…. Responsible Editor○☆▷: Zhang …▲◇?

[Chen Baosheng▽●☆=: Chinas college is in his own way] For the university ranking…▲○, the Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said: 1 Chinese universities have mainly moved the overall forward movement in the world◆▽, this shows that our higher education schools have begun. Sprint world level▼☆; 2 is a list of 101 schools in 2017, indicating that higher education is significantly increased towards world education▽•◆; 3 is the ranking, evaluation◇•, just provide an angle of observation and analysis○▷◁, overall It is necessary to enhance confidence in development. Heavy walking, building a world-class college entrance, building a Chinese characteristic★•◁•. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh▼••…. gelatin capsules, separated gelatin compound, clear

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