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[protein bar industry 2019]Original title☆▼: US media said China is looking for “quantum surprise-…●◇”: or offset the US invisible technology advantage reference news network March 18th reported on the US “Atomic Scientist Online” website on March 1 issue to “China in seeking▼○” quantum surprise •▽▷◁” ? “One article. The author is the new US Safety Center passenger researcher Ershaki. The article is extracted as follows: Artificial intelligence hype is close to the peak. The new round of speculation of quantum technology is also rising-△●, especially quantum calculations. What happens when these two rounds of speculation is in the same period? How is it: just the hype? Still causing truly dangers in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, it is likely to be a potential military ☆☆”revolution”? Of course, both technologies have the characteristics of ○▼•●”new power△=”=☆•▪, and it is indeed possible to change all departments and create n.

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Zhang Wenhui) In the face of Chinas 2030 carbon peaks and the goals of 2060 carbon, how to go to sustainable development is the challenge of each company. On May 27, Liangsheng, director of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, attended the establishment ceremony of Schneider Electric Digital Industry Demonstration Park. The organizer is a map ○-▽△”Digitalization is the best weapon to promote sustainable development.◆▷…” Schneiders global executive vice president, China President Yin Zheng recently expressed the ceremony to establish a ceremony for the establishment ceremony of the Schneider Electric Digital Industry Demonstration Park. In recent years, Chinas digital economy has developed rapidly. The “14th Five-Year Plan” is more clearly proposed “accelerated digital development, constructi?

Express Taobao Data China Earthquake Network officially determined, 44-level earthquake occurred at 21…▲•▪:48 in Taiwan at 21:48 on April 16th, the seismy source is 18 kilometers, the earthquake is located 23.05 degrees north latitude-▽◇★, 121.37 degrees East△▷, is about Taiwan Island 2 km☆▲▼☆. The epicosome of the earthquake is automatically written by the machine from 22:25▷▽:25:25•△◁, 2018, for use in 8 seconds, and the public beta is for reference only●□=☆. Editor in charge: Huo .

Original title: Slow News Demystation Southwest Navy Aircraft Experiment Class: Prohibition of playing basketball, the college entrance examination must be a lot of running every morning and evening. 1●▽•. They fly in the sea. This is a group of special high school students■▽, how do you special•★? You see, they are protected□▽■☆, only to play badminton table tennis, not allowed to play basketball. Even in more than 5,000 students-▼◁, you can recognize them at a glance. If they stand in a big playground, you will see that their standing position is different, the body pen is quite•■☆, the two eyes are facing front▷□○, and the hands are in the middle of the trousers◆□◁, and the five fingers are close up==▪-. They are really military people=△. “Standard military.” Some of them said. And the teachers more hope that they all have to pay, and become a Navy aviation pilot in a few years-△, like movie “Red Sea Actio◇◇-.

Original title: Li Jian Guo▷◇■▲: Developing an Inspection Law is to sum up the partys 18th National Congress of anti-corruption practice□=●, providing a strong rule of law in the new situation to provide strong rule of law protection▽▲□, the 13th National Peoples Congress-▷, a meeting, held on the 13th in the Great Hall of the People. The fourth plenary meeting□◇◁, listened to the statement of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the draft monitoring law, and listened to the statement of the State Councils reform program for the State Council, the draft decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congresss special committee○•, and the Conference on the 13th National National The Director of the Director of the Peoples Congress, the voting method of the deputy director, the selection of the Committee, voting the 13th National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee…▼□, Director of the Finance and Economic Commission, deputy director, and the committee to choose two draft draft●●▪. The following is a live record■☆▲◆: Li Jiangu●★.