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Contacts.[is porcine gelatin pork]Original title…-: Beijing urban afternoon may be snow New Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi) As of Yesterday, Beijing has not effectively precipitated in 135 days. Today (March 7) began in the afternoon, snowflakes in Beijing. However, due to the poor water vapor conditions▷◁, the city is still difficult to see the snow. However, the latest radar figure shows that the afternoon snow girl is likely to go into the city•▲▲. The latest weather forecast shows that Beijing today is cloudy in the cloudy●•=, western region (Mentougou▲★, Fangshan) and north mountainous area (Yanqing=△, Huairou◆○○◇, Miyuns mountainous area) have a rain, a snow or a sporadic snow●★▽, Nanfeng 1, 2-level turn north wind 3 Level◁…-◆, the highest temperature is 6 ° C; the night is cloudy▪▼, the north wind is 3, 4, the lowest temperature is -2 ° C. Editor in charge★△○□: Guoqia▷•★!

Original title: The mayor has been discovered on August 6th…★▼-, and the Ministry of Ecological Environment is jointly discussing the Mayor of Linyi City, the Shanxi Provincial Government of the Ecological Environment. According to the discussion◁□▪, environmental monitoring is the basic work of ecological environment protection. It is an objective assessment of environmental quality status, reflecting the basic basis for the effectiveness of pollution☆▼, environmental management and decision making•…, must do the monitoring, scientific monitoring, integrity monitoring•…, and effectively protect environmental monitoring Data quality. However, the organizational examination of the Ecological Environment in March this year has been found that some of the 6 national control air automatic monitoring stations in Linyi City are abnormal, and the sampling system is subject to human interference, and the Ministry of Public Security is transferred according to law after verification. On April 11, the Ministry of Public Security moved the case over the public security organs of Shanxi Province. Shanxi Province quickly organizes to detect, caug▽▷.

Original title department, the chairman of the chairman, the chairman of the chairman■◁: 2 years can reach the English 8-level level National Peoples Congress◆▷•▼, Bo Qingfeng, Chairman●…, Bo Qingfeng=★…•, Zhongqing Online Map, Zhongqing Online, March 11▼☆•, Today In the afternoon, the “representative channel” opened in the 13th National Peoples Congress, Liu Qingfeng, the chairman of the National Peoples Congress and the Board of Science◆▪▲□, and the Board of Science and Technology. He took the machine translation machine, using Chinese and English to the machine translation machine “Go question”. The first 3 is a Chinese test, namely “artificial intelligence is changing the world” “Let the world listen to our voice” and “Todays program is very successful”▼=. His voice just fell, the machine instantly gave a smooth English translation. Then he was sent in Englis.

Xinhua News Agency on May 27 (Reporter Shang Xu) The United Nations Security Council may adopted resolution 2576, extending the United Nations Iraqi Assistance Terminal to May 27, 2022, and decided to strengthen assistance before Iraq. Group manpower. According to resolutions□★-▼, the United Nations Secretary-General Iraqi Affairs Special Representative and the United Nations Iraqi Assistance Group should strengthen the Human Power before Iraqi, in order to continue to provide election assistance to Iraq in the election day in the election day, continue to provide election assistance to Iraq. The International and Regional Elections of the Government invited to provide logistical and safety support••◇. The resolution requires the United Nations Secretary-General after the Election of Ira.

Original title■△◁●: The United States shot pepton 85 16 amino acids packageable protein powder industry gelatin capsules associate scientist i late stage protein development industry! How do China be accompanied by? US President Trump local time was signed at the White House in the White House at noon on the 22nd day•◇, announced that the “301 survey” was announced, and the import of paying attention to the goods from China from China■▽●, the US investment is limited. The WTO takes action for China•…●◇. China will respond. The Chinese embassy in the United States said that China does not want to fight trade war◁◇▽, but it is not afraid of trade war, confidence, and ability to deal with any challenge. If the US is insisted to play, we will accompany the end and take all necessary measures to resolute defend their legitimate rights and interests. A few hours later□•▼, the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of aborted reduction products for US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures…◁, and intended to approximately $ 3 billi•◁◆.