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[proteinas en la industria]Original title▼☆=•: Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Secretary, Shihezi City Party Committee, Zou Yuebin, Zou Yuebin, was accepted▲▲◁, according to the Judgment of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Commission◆…, the Eighth Shihezi City Party Secretary★▼, Shihezi City Party Committee, Zou Yuebin Suspected serious violations and discipline and is currently accepting disciplinary review and monitoring. Zou Yumin information Tu Zou Yuebin resume Zou Yuebin▼●•=, male, Han nationality, born in March 1965, Chongqing, June 1986□▷◇▼, June 1986, participated in work△▼, university degree, senior engineer in August 1987. 1983.09-1987◆=•.07 Stone River Agricultural College Agricultural Machinery Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Production Mechanization△△; 1987.07-1987.08 Graduation to be distributed; 1987.08-.

Beidou Navigation certification pilot started the size of the satellite navigation industry or the ○△●-“Economic Report▲○◆△” was exclusively learned from authoritative channels, China Beidou Satellite Navigation Product Testing Certification Union (hereinafter referred to as ▽=”Alliance”) has held ••”Beidou Satellite Navigation Product Certification Work Promotion Conference-=□, officially launched a certification pilot work of Beidou satellite navigation products and services including chips▷◁, terminal products, information systems, and operators. According to the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee and the China Satellite Navigation Positioning Application Management Center, this move will further promote the construction of the Beidou satellite navigation product certification system▲○◇, which helps to improve the overall quality level of Beidou satellite navigation products△•, standardize Beidou Satellite navigation industry management, accelerate Beidou satellite navigation industrialization process to ensure industrial heal-=.

Original title: Southern Metropolis News●▷□: Asked Phuket Tour: Survivor said that the phoenix is ​​nearly 20 people do not wear a koh△…◁=, only to clasp the door of the cabin: Southern Metropolis Thailand Phuket Events affect the hearts of many people☆•▽, as of 7 days In the evening, search and rescue work is still in progress, a total of 41 people are killed (including 38 Chinese)★•…, there are still 15 missions (including 8 Chinese)◁-★. According to multi-section boats, instant video and a lot of survivors, many people did not wear a life jacket at the time. This is considered to be behind the largest shipwreck in Thailand in the past ten years, is it related to the improper operation of the cruise safety standard? Whether the tourists have been reminded before the shipping instructions and is required to wear a life jacket…☆? The cruise boat preceded video screenshot screenshot•▲■, nearly 20 tourists in the cabin did not wear a dress. Picture of pea?

Original title: 50,000 monthly salary is not arrived? Which young people didnt enter the factory on March 10, and the Nanfang Metropolitan newspapers issued a report “For a long time•=◁▼! Monthly salary of 20,000 protein industry scabdals gelatin chemical structure▽…• collagene pure supplier! Guangzhou boss is a big dragon in the street△◆ chemical name of gelatin! 90 but not willing to do it. ” In the report, after the Yuan Lan, the city of Guangzhou Haizhu District ushered in a year of recruitment climax. At the two sides of the Lujiang South Road, standing on the two sides, people dragons are about one kilometer, compared with the surprises, the applicants are scarce△-○. Among the recruitment teams–▲, many of the factory owners are all on the lattice•○. They are generally said that the workers who can recruit three or four hundred last year. Ms=☆. Yao, who is the old boss▽◇, heron○○○☆, revealed that a skilled four-wire work is a monthly salary●…◆. But after the 90s of the boss of the garment factory, the son said th.

Original title▪☆▽▷: Mastein Committee: New era Middle School students should first have a home national feelings, Zhongqing Online Beijing◇▲, March 10 (China Youth Daily, Zhongqing Online Reporter Jiangshan Jiang Shaobin) In 2018▼▲, the second “member channel” in the national two sessions▷-, In response to the students “should look like” in the new era, the Beijing Fourth President Ma Jinglin emphasized the six requests. On March 10th◇▽•, Ma Jinglin, the Beijing Fourth President▲…▽★, Beijing 4th Middle School, was interviewed in the -▷☆■”Member Channel”□▼▷. China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Zhao Di / Tong Jia Ling believes that a new era should first have a national relations•▪=, there must be a good sense of social responsibility in the world; secondly, it should have a sound personality, in order to actively For people and things=◆◇, degrade, grateful☆▼, gratitude, and return; third must have a healthy body, establish health fir.Gelatin capsule.