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Gelatin capsule![collagen for women]Original title▪▲◆: The Ministry of Environment is reported to strengthen the order of supervision and discipline: One official accepts 10,000 yuan of cash by the double opening of the news reporter Cruid=△…▲, on May 4••, the Ecological Environment Department informed the disciplinary cases of environmental supervision: Hebei Xinji An official of the Environmental Protection Bureau received 10,000 yuan in cash in crossing the supervision of Zhengzhou◇★-, Henan△•-, and was double-opened after being reported. Cover Journalists learned that this is the first in violation of integrity discipline cases in strengthening the inspection of the inspection△◆. From April 7, 2017 to March 31, 2018, the Environment Department (Original Environmental Protection Department) organized the inspection and control of atmospheric pollution prevention and control in Beijing▼●△, Tianjin and Hebei Province, from the national exhaustoral personnel in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding area “2 +26 “City to carry out cross-colored supervision. January 12 to 25, 2018, X?

Original title: Taizhong University Sun Yat-sen is like or removed by alumni•▲=: Taking this as a campus landmark of Zhongshan University••□▲, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue. (Source=△•=: Taiwan “United Daily▪▲”) Overseas Network April 16th-▷★, after the ◇★◁△”single•-” forces in the island, the news of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statues in the island were removed. Today (16th)★▪, the Taiwan Zhongshan University launched the “referendum” of the whole school, and vote by the faculty and school students to stay in Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek★☆•. In this regard, there is a Taiwan Zhongshan University alumni who has been excluded•▲●. “If Sun Yat-sens bronze statue is removed, I am ashamed of the Zhongshan University of Taiwan★●▽.▼…☆☆” According to Taiwans ••★”United Daily” report, the voting content is single-choice for Sun Yat-sen Chiang Kai-shek▲◆•, the option includes stayin?

Original title: The representative of the Peoples Congress Ma Huateng: Pay attention to the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Bay District, preventing the Internet Financial Risk Ma Huatengs New National Peoples Congresss first representative conference after performing the duties◇…▷, is attainable and expected▼◆■. On March 2, 132 Guangdongs National Peoples Congress went to Beijing▽●☆, attended the upcoming 13th National Peoples Congress□▲◁▼, and part of the National Peoples Congress representative also followed Guangdong delegation to Beijing, 8 in deep ten The representative of the 3rd National Peoples Congress will be held on this year☆▷○. Shenzhen representative ◁•◆”Shenzhen Characteristics○-▼▪” reporter learned that Shenzhens 8 National Peoples Congress representatives are Chen Rui-◆, Shenzhen Mayor, Chen Rui△◆, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Congress△…▼, Wang Jianjun, General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Wang Jianjun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tencent Computer Systems Co.▽▲…, Ltd•○. CEO Ma Huateng, ZTE Communication Co.●○▪☆, Lt.

Original title: Dont use it online He has been refreshed with “World of Warcraft” World Record, why do you call this in the CPPCC? “There is no absolute security★◆■ jellatin bulk pectin!” I have seen Jian Feng many times in different occasions, and this sentence is almost every time. Every new Internet technology application concept is released▪□, he always splashes a pot of cold water△…. When IPHONEX▪▼, “Peoples Face Recognition◇★” is fried, he said●…▼□: △☆”The password is lost, but the biological information is not renewable. Once the leaks, sorry, you cant have a second face□=•□.” He has Two mobile phones=▲○=, one is iPhone–▪▼, used to go online★□◁○; another is Huawei…-◁, only to call★=■, completely disconnected. As a person in the Internet industry, such a lifestyle, there is no “anti-Internet”. Taking into account his identit gummy bear sulfuric acid protein energy drink industry statistics•☆◁!