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[define gelatin]Original title■□: Guizhou Provincial Party Committee▽•-○: I transferred to Guizhou three years without encountering smog◆=, Guizhou did not smog Sun Zhigang “I transferred to Guizhou three years, did not encounter smog, Guizhou did not smog.■●” In Ten The 3rd National Peoples Congress has an open day event◇•▪, the director of the National Peoples Congress, the director of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, and the director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress, Sun Zhigang introduced Guizhou to Chinese and foreign reporters when introducing Guizhous economic and social development. Sun Zhigang said in his speech that Guizhou effectively accelerated the ecological construction in the hard truth. The forest coverage is raised to 55.3%. The water quality of the concentrated drinking water source in the province is stable at 100%, and the number of air quality above the county is stable in more than 97%, and the environmental quality is in the country. News link: he.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture, in the Middle East region△▷•, the reporter ushered in a new round of precipitation process, especially the rain and snow in the river in North China◆▽, soil•■•▽, the soil is improved, and it is beneficial to wheat growth and spring broadcast□…◆. There are three main characteristics of the precipitation process: the rainfall is wide…◁▷. There is a rainfall weather in the eastern part of the southwest▼□, Jianghan, Jiangnan, South China and the southeastern part of the northwest▼•…•. Large local rainfall. Northwestern, southwest, southeastern Jianghan, western Jiangnan, north of Guangxi and southeast of Yunnan•◇▷, etc★▷. It is expected that in the next few days, most of the southern parts of the south have 20-50 mm◆=□, and the local is more than 100 mm. Effective rainfall in the arid zone. Hebei and Beijing-Tianjin areas have no significant rainfall in 140 days◆=▲. During the precipitation, as of 2 pm on March 17★▷, Shijia▷-◁△, Heb.

Original title: Knocking on the blackboard! Government work report revealed that there are many opportunities in these areas protein quantification use in industry china best gelatin! In 2018☆••○, the governments work report was released☆…=•, and the work of this year was suggested. Report of nearly 20,000 words mentioned which key areas▲◁○? Which development opportunities are included in it☆▲◁▲? Peoples Daily client combed, lets take a look is jello a homogeneous mixture! 1▪…. Artificial intelligence to implement large data development actions▪☆▲, strengthen new generation of artificial intelligence research and development applications, promote ◁◇◁”Internet +” in many fields such as medical=◆◇, pension▽○★☆, education, culture☆◆, and sports◆◆. Develop intelligent industries and expand intelligent life=▷◆. Use new technologies, new forms, new models, and vigorously renovate the traditional industry. 2=□,5g, new energy vehicles▷△◆-, new materials and other industries promote integrated circuits, fifth generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles, new materials and other industrial developmen.

Original title: pay attention•□! Tomorrows ozone is coming, wearing a mask is useless! A rainfall washed away from the hot weather●•◆, but the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau predicted that tomorrow (June 4), ozone will become the primary pollutant of Beijing Air. Not only Beijing, according to the national air quality forecast for the National Air Quality Forecast of the Eco-Environment, the influence of continuous high temperature and near the ground■△◆, most of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, most of Shandong and some urban cities in Henan Province may Ozone is lighter to moderate pollution▼●. In addition, from June 4-15, the primary pollutants in my countrys long triangle▽◁, South China◇☆, northwest and northeast areas have ozone. Why is the weather that is warm, the sun is bright, the ozone will not ask? It hazards the human body, how is the current situation of ozone pollution in my country? Global annu.

In 2018, the national two sessions Guizhou delegation centralized interviews held in Beijing●□■△. (This reporter Yang Changding / photo) Original title: [Two sessions close-up] Guiyang Mayor◇▼○◆: East has the west of Wuzhen Internet Conference●•○☆, the Source●□•: Colorful Guizhou Net Colorful Guizhou Net News (this reporter Zhao Wei) March 9 In the evening, the 2018 National Two Sessions Guizhou delegation centralized interviews continued to be held in Beijing. National Peoples Congress, Deputy Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Wei, last year, we will become a “Guiyang Mobs☆▽” in China International Data Industry Expo, which has become an international top-level data of the same level of Germany CeBIT exhibition, US GSMA exhibition. Professional exhibition, with the Wuzhen World Internet Conference echoes each other★△, misplaced development, forming ◁▽=”Eastern Wuzhen Internet Conference, West Guiyang Exp.Pectin manufacturer gelatin powder for jelly candy,