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[industry trends for protein shakes]Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 27 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​Guangdong Emergency Management Office issued a message on the 27th, currently, the province has entered the “Dragon Boat▪★” centralized rainfall▼▷=, continuous, wide range, extremely strong The defense situation is very serious; the provinces strong precipitation is frequent in the next ten days▷▽, and the water prevention range will gradually expand, and the thunderstorm is accompanied by a short-term wind when the main situation is accompanied by a short time◆•□. Guangdong Provincial Flood Control and Drought Windproof Headquarters Office, the Provincial Emergency Management Office has released an announcement on defending heavy rainfall. Guangdong Meteorological Bureau forecast, from May 27th to 28th, Yuexi went to the West Side of Pearl River, there was heavy rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain, and most of the city and counties have (thundered) shower local heavy rain or heavy rain□△•;.

Original title: This city is fighting: College graduates can receive 1000 yuan subsidies as long as they come to interview! A few days ago◁-, in order to attract more foreign talents to Nanjing, Nanjing has developed young college students “Ningju Plan”, saying that foreign colleges and universities will come to seek jobs, will enjoy thousands of interview subsidies. So how to get a subsidy? Foreign college graduates come to Nanjing interview to receive 1000 yuan subsidies yesterday, Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a rules pointed out that in addition, foreign colleges and universities have participated in the enterprise, private non-enterprise units, social group interview, government The one-time subsidy will be issued for 1▼▼•,000 yuan. It takes a certain credential when it is, in addition to holding an ID card□•, diploma△▷▽, has to hold the interview unit to cover the unit of the unit or the Ministry of Human Resourc.

Original title: Liberation Army Changhang enters the ◆◇•”Air Defense Identity Zone”, domineering responding to the Taiwan military “warning” [text / observer network Bao Chen] With the “air defense identification area” in Taiwan•▲-◆, the Liberation Army fighters The more, in order to avoid “the people amazed◆△•■”▪○, the Taiwan military has become less and fewer on the disclosure of the PLAs fighters▲▪=. However, there are still some channels that can be seen in the PLA far-sea longitude. According to Taiwan Media, I reported that Taiwan military fans heard the conversation between the Peoples Fighter and Taiwan military from the radio: Taiwan armys “has entered the air defense identification area” by the Peoples Liberation Army△=, and asked the PLA. The fighter is flying away•■•, and the Peoples Liberation Army only responded: “Here is China Air Force, is being implemented.◁☆▽△” Not in the Taiwanese army so-called “warning▽○=”. March ◁○▪.

Original title•◁: The highest inspection: the eight-class judicial process is trapped in a distressed minor will receive the national judicial rescue Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) reporter learned from the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, ▼●○…”The Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on Strengthening the National Judicial Judicial Judicial The opinion of the assistance work is issued, eight categories of minors who have been caught in troubles such as or their raising people will receive the national judicial assistance◁□▽, and the amount of rescue amount is generally based on the average monthly salary of the employee of the staff in the jurisdiction of the case. determine. The rescue amount is based on the provinces of the provinces, and the employees of employees are based on the ▪■”opinions○■…☆”•□☆■. It should be given to the eight types of minors, the case jurisdiction of the procuratorial organs should be given: the crime has caused disability or psychological suffering from the body. Cannot get effective compensation in time▼△▪, causing difficulties in li. plant protein ingredients industry bovine hide collagen peptides vs gelatin About Us protein supplements industry uk raw whey protein industrial,