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[bovine hide collagen peptides reviews]Original title: 6 people in the East China Sea Fleet promoted the rank of Naval University, 18 people promoted professional and technical school military ranks in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings strong thoughts, further stimulating the vast number of officers and soldiers love military careers-△, dedicating the honor of the Navy▼=, enhancing officers and soldiers The construction of a strong sense of modern naval is responsible. On the afternoon of March 14, the East China Sea Fleet was held in the commander of the Multi-Function Hall held a rising ceremony. The rank promotion ceremony was approved by the Navy. The East China Sea Fleet was promoted to the rank of the Naval University=◆◁■, and 18 officers were promoted to the rank of professional and technical schools. The promotion ceremony of all the staff was hosted by the Fleet Wang Huayong political commissar, and the fleet Wei Gang commander read the naval order. Wei Gang commander, Wang Huayong Political Committee awarded the order of the military officer. Fleet at the party committ▷△!

Original title: The leadership of the CPPCC leadership proposal will be released from the new Beijing newspaper (Reporter) According to the “Opinions on Strengthening the Proposal of the Political Consultative Proposal”, Beijing Leaders key supervision of the CPPCC has been practical. Since January this year, a meeting of the 13th National Conference of the Beijing CPPCC has made a proposal has exceeded the proposal★▼. So▽•=●, which proposal will become a proposal for the key supervision of the city leaders□◁▪▽? Yesterday, the seventh chairman meeting held yesterday gave an answer…=. The number of proposals held a seventh chairman meeting of 1,000 consecutive chairs for three consecutive years, and listened to the basic situation analysis of the 13th meeting of the 13th National Conference of the Beijing CPPCC■◇□▽. A total of 1084 proposals received 1084 proposals, and 991 cases were filed. A total of 700 members of the new CPP bovine bone collagen peptide powder ambar protein industries ltd ahmedabad About Us collagen peptides bovine, gelatin usp grade!

Original title: Do not give the property market to stir-fry the space (Rui Finance) Recently, the Housing and Construction Department will jointly issue with the Central Propaganda Department△■, the Ministry of Public Security◇•, the Silver Bank of China, and “on the development of some cities to carry out the violation of the violation of the violations and violations of the law and regulations. Notice of Special Action□○, “decided to carry out special actions for governance real estate markets in 30 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin=○▷, and Shenzhen, as early as December 2018●•. In this regard, analysts believe that this action not only targets the heating of the real estate market in some areas and long-term disadvantages, but also ◆●★◇”the house is used to live,…•▲” is not used to speculate ▷◁”this place does not change. Therefore, any fantasy China took the initiative to relax the property market regulation●•, so that the idea that the speculation organically can take it is unwise★•□. Seven Series Committee jointly governing the property mark?