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[gelatin chemical structure]Original title◇☆▷: The construction of the responsibility is clear★▲, the government governance system of administration according to law (in-depth study and implementation of the Thought of Xi Jinping New Times•-▽•, China Characteristics) ▪○”Peoples Daily=•=” (April 25□▼◇★, 2018) Partys 19th China Plenary Session The construction of “clear responsibilities, government governance system administration according to law” as part of the goal of deepening the reform of the party and national institutions, made a comprehensive deployment, put forward specific requirements, to further optimize government agency settings and functional configuration, and speed up the transformation of government functions , Deepen the reform of the administrative system◇△◆★, indicating the direction…☆, and clarifies the task▲▽. We must adhere to the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialism in Xi Jinping☆△★-, profoundly understand the spirit of the Plenary, and firmly conscientiously implement it. Fully understand the government governance system of the construction responsibility and administrative administration according to l.

Original title: April 4th – April 12, Boao District Scenic Spot Suspension Received Troupe March 31, 2018, Hainan Qionghai■••, staff in the Asian Forum Convention Center Square=◆◁. Visual China Map March 30=▽-◁, the reporter learned from the Hainan Qionghai City Tourism Commission•▲=, from April 4th to April 12th, each travel agency suspended a group to visit the Scenic Spot attractions in Boao District-☆. Hainan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision Administration is intended to turn off the scenic spot of Boao District, including the Boao Forum for Asia forum…▪○■, Boao Shuicheng Tourist Scenic Area (Address…□◆▲, Asia Forum), Qionghai Multi River Cultural Valley Tourist Area. If the travel agency is scheduled to arrange the scenic spot, please call the group◁★•, please adjust the electronic stroke, please adjust it in tim.

Original title: Lai Qingde did not have the prosecution of Ma Yingjiu as a policy [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan Media…•▲, Tai Med Medal reported that •▷…◆”said the executive dean”, ○•▽”said the executive dean”△■, Lai Qingde put the leader of the front Taiwan area The prosecution is considered “Reform Reform=☆▷”, and the “Executive Yuan spokesperson•△” Erda is strictly clarified today…▪-. This is a serious distortion○=●▷. Lai Qingde has never been prosecuted by Ma Yingjiu. Yuda said that Lai Qingde yesterday speech, not ●★◇▽”Ma Ying-juns prosecution is a reform of the reform…▼…▲”•▲▪□, but in explaining the ▽-□□”By Improper Party Regulations▲-…”=■, mentioning that ○☆”Hyboy, I have promised to return the party to zero, but There is no such thing as “,” seeing this is what the Kuomintang is unwilling to do and the Democratic Advanced Party provokes. The picture is from Ta Media You Da▽▽▪, as for the spee•…?

Zhongxin=••■.com Nanjing May 27th (泱 泱 颜 慈) Move finger, you can check the ▽◁▷”transparent factory” in real time, and every workers access time, work schedule is immediately “flashing○▼”. Production process◆◇☆★, equipment status through interconnection, panoramic exhibition is now on a piece of block .△★…●.☆●•. This is the -…”Wuxi Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics••○…” equipment and industrial Internet platform construction ◇■•”projects for Chery Automobile•▽” tailor-made “project◇▪. By realizing the fusion of automation systems and information systems○◇▪, equipment data real-time acquisition and procedure, through the establishment of transparent plants, enabling enterprises, decline, and efficiency. In the Wuxi Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics□○◇, Dunshunding, Dean Tang Dunbi.