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[gold collagen drink]Original title: This new rule! On March 3▷☆-□, the Securities Regulatory Commission officially issued the “Book•★” (Trial) “(Trial)” (Trial) “(Trial)…▽◇▪” (Trial) “(Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines…▷☆=”). Daily Economic News (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that “Guidelines” mainly includes improving the requirements of the fund manager of the Elderly Target Fund, optimizing the conditions for the fund manager, strengthen the requirements of the Elderly Target Fund to choose sub-fund requirements, cancel the old-age target The specific rate limit of the fund is equal. With the increase in the old population of my country■□-, the size of the pension fund is expected to reach 45 trillion yuan in 2025▲=■☆. Such a large amount of funds must have been strictly managed to have a long-term revenue. An industry insider to daily economic news★▷▽☆.

The original title Jiangsu delegation was jointly submitted to the proposal, appeal to the law on the “Fees” molecules to severely punish the modern express newspaper news, Many National Peoples Congress representatives of Jiangsu delegation☆◇□, and jointly submit “Perfect Legislative Protection” and National Dignity “The motion□•◁, called on the legal long-awaited teeth, severely punish the” fine sun “in the legislative level. The Modern Express reporter learned that after the 39 national CPPCC members jointly submitted the proposal, the ▷◁★◆”Feesday…◆▼” molecules were again condemned, and it was also an urgent appeal for legislation. The proposal leader: The Legal Red Wire March 10th, the National Peoples Congress representative, the deputy secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Director Longxiang of the Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, the Jiangsu Delegations Blue Sumin, Yang Geng Leopard, Louman-■◆, Wang Qiangzhong The representative is jointly submitted to the motion, ca industrial protein production▼…•▪!

China New Network Beijing May 27th (Chen Hang) “Beijing Anti-food Waste Regulations□▽…” (specified below) clearly, catering service operators should arrange service personnel as persuasion■-■☆, for obvious excessive order•◇□▲, dining Remind=◁, persuade. Encourage consumers who implement ▲○”CD Action•□★■” to give rewards or benefits◁★◆. On the 27th•★◇●, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth Peoples Congress of Beijing passed the provisions◁◇△▪. I adhered to the “opening legislation” Wang Ai…○•, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress, said that in the drafting, review, the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress adheres to the ☆☆▷”Open Law”○◆, through special research, field inspection, symposium…●, argument◆-▽, etc., extensive I heard the relevant government departmen bovine collagen peptides purity ultimate collagen gelatin high bloom!

Original title…◆▽△: Yang Jiechi held a talks with South Koreas security room, Zheng Yi, March 29 (Reporter Chen Shangwen) On March 29, Xi Jinping Chairman Special Representative, member of the CPC Central Committee○▪=, director of the Central Foreign Affairs Work Committee, Yang Jiechi Seoul held talks with South Korea National Security Chamber…■▪•. Yang Jiechi said that China and South Korea are friendly neighbors, and the relations between the two countries have recently improved the momentum. This year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the China-South Korea strategic partnership. The two sides should take this as an opportunity to actively fall the important consensus of the President of the Power and the President, strengthen political communication☆▼○□, promote the construction of “all the way☆-“, deepen pragmatic cooperation, promote humanities exchange★▲◁-, sensitive problems, and promote the relationship between the two countries Finished new results and benefit the people of the two countries▽□△. Yang Jiechi is solved by Zheng ◁○◆.

The Trump government hopes that more foreign investment enters the United States. I hope that American companies will bring overseas employment to the United States…=○, and they also want to reduce the US deficit in trade battles, but these goals are incompatible, contradictory, this is the US economic and trade policy. The problem is located. “Richard Cooper recently received this reporter interview. Cooper has long been a long-term, responsible for foreign economic affairs, serve as the Deputy Secretary of State, the Acting Secretary of State★◆, the Chairman of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank▼◆•, is currently a professor of Harvard University. Not long ago, the Trump government signed an administrative memorandum, proposing Chinas export of large-scale tariffs in US products■▼△, claiming that this will help reduce US trade deficit. In this regard, Cooper clearly stated that the collection of tariffs did not solve the United States trade deficit. “First, China has its reasonable rights under the framework of W apple pectin!Gelatin wholesale.