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[industrial foregoing protein reactor]Original title•◇■: Zhao Yide★◇=◇, member of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, has adjusted to the deputy secretary of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, decided that the CPC Central Committee•▲○, the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhao Yide◁=-, adjusted deputy secretary of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee▼◁◁△. On March 26th, at the Hangzhou Leading Cadre Symposium, Zhao Yide said one by one•◁. He gave a message to Hangzhou-◇★△, under the correct guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, under the strong leadership of the Central and Provincial Parties Committee, Hangzhou must seize opportunities, take advantage of the situation, further consolidate and develop a good situation, and do The row of high-quality development in the province, better play the demonstration of the leading lead in the ▷◇□◁”two high levels◆◆” construction, towards the struggle of the unique charm of the unique charm, the wonderful world of the famous city, to create a society with Chinese characteristics Ism importa=▲◁.

Original title: 5 years of 1 billion gambling, who is the winner Talk to two will chat before going to bed, there is a world in the dream. Hello everyone, I am a party newspaper commentary■•▽▽. In the national two sessions, Dong Mingzhu★★, Chairman○◁▪, Chairman□○◇, Chairman, Chairman, took a representative channel, and responded to the development of Chinas manufacturing industry transformation. The two will be unveiled again, but also let everyone remember the 1 billion gambling of 5 years ago-▲▷-. Today, lets talk about this matter. In the 2013 event, Lei Jun said that if the small rice business income beats in 5 years, it hopes that Dong Mingzhu will compensate 1 yuan•▽■; and Dong Mingzhu, who has dared to do◁-◇★, is not weak, and immediately said that he wants to gamble. Gamble 10 billion. For a time△■•, the two sides of the mouse▼▼, the gambling is also a public opinion focus. At the end of this year, the 5-year gambling will .

The original title two sessions Hainan Environmental Protection Hall responded to “people full of people”: Hainan tourists are not much more sources: Chinas voice is reported by Chinas voice news; mentioning Hainan☆▼■, will think of Bihai blue sky…★-▽, coconut forest white sand▼○◇, but, In recent years, there is a congestion of tourists in the past few years, and there is a negative news of illegal refill, which makes people discounted the impression of Hainan. At the end of last year-◆▪•, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team feedback on the environmental inspections of each province, which has been severely criticized for Hainan Province▷-○…. The leader of the Environmental Protection Insugation Group is not politely, Hainan Province is □…”drumping the money bag, ruined the ecology▲■”. More than two months■☆…▽, yesterday (3rd), the National Peoples Congress representative, the Hainan Ecological Environmental Protection Department Dumang Dun Xiao Gang made an exclusive response to China=◇★■, how is Hainan environment rectification situation? How will it .

Original title◇=■: China opened two global satellite system satellite total 456 American aerospace adventurers Mask recently claimed to launch about 12▲●◁,000 low orbit satellites Composed “Starlink) Constellation Communication Network, let WiFi signal The valve cover is around each corner of the world-▪▲. However, Masks ambition is not only Mask. Although there is no more than 12,000 people in Mask “Haikou”△▼, my country Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Aerospace Science and Technology Group also proposed a plan to build more than 300 and 156 low-rail communication satellite constellations. The first technical verification star of the two plans is scheduled to launch this year. Aerospace Science and Technology Group “Hongyun Engineering▲◆◁★” animation demonstration (video screenshot) Chinas low-track constellation plan national two sessions open. a.Pectin manufacturer.