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About Us.[ae proteina industries inc rosario batangas]Original title: What is the change in the Ministry of Science and Technology after reorganization△▽? The new round of the State Council Institutional Reform Program passed the fifth plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress◆▷•. It is worth noting that after the new minister of the reform of this round of institutions, only Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology, is the only “new minister▲▽=” for the first time to serve as Ministers. Whether it is the new minister Wang Zhigang, or the former Minister Wan Steel, the two ministers of the Ministry of Science and Technology are engineers from engineers□▲□, respectively, and experts from electronic information and automobiles. The appointment of the Minister of Experts also concluded that the Ministry of Science and Technology is to meet the national development requirements of the “big scientific research plan”••…▪, todays scientific and technological competition is increasingly hot, the Ministry of Science and Technology has served as an important mission to promote the development of science and technology. After Wang Zhi, Wang Zhigang faced the medi○▲.

Original title=◆•: Sourcing: Prevention of commercialization, adult and overrunning tendencies●★◁: Gao Jian / Beijing Daily Haikou, a minor in the Internet cafe★▷•△. Peoples Daily News reported on August 25th□◁◇, the ▪△■”Regulations on the Administration of Minors” (hereinafter referred to as ○□•”provisions•◆”) came in the Chinese governments legal information network. “Provisions□▪” proposed to prevent minor programs from developing commercialization▷◁△★, adultization and excessive entertainment tendency. It is forbidden to introduce the video games according to the “provisions”, national support, and encourage minors programs include cultivating and practicing socialist core values▷◇; promoting Chinas excellent traditional culture; guiding to establish the right world view, outlook on life○▽•; Physical and mental development rules and characteristics•=; protect mino?

Original title▪●□○: Two sessions observed Decrease 8 positive levels, after 7 deputy-level agencies, the State Council also has to pass these three corrosions▼▷: the agency withdrawn□△▲▽, ★•▷”most system” is also good★◆▽, after all△◇…, in order to use A “small and fine” has a government to promote the healthy development of the market, and achieve the “market in resource allocation” – rather than reshaping a ▷◇▽=”big government▽■”. The new round of institutional reform has exceeded any time since the reform and opening up▽-▲, of course, also exceeds public expectations. In these two days, the peoples contexts consideration of the reform programs of the State Council★▪•…, a lot of representatives of their “strong, touched the profit•◇▲, and the reconstruction of the reconstruction•▲□”☆•◇, using the words “unprecedented”. According to the plan, after the completion of the reform of the State Council…=▷, there will be 8 positive partitions, 7 deputy-level agenci△▪▼△.