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[collagen gummies vitamin]Source: China Daily [News] Today, Tiangong Mission today] On April 2nd On the orbit (near location height is about 136.0 km, the height of the distance is about 141.6 km◁☆, the tilt angle is about 42▷▼○.7 degrees), and the reincarnation time is expected to be 8★•:49 on April 2 (the earliest time 8:14, the latest time 9:33 ), The center point of the re-enter area is located in the West, 10.2 degrees in the South▪★-▪. Tiangong No.1 launched on September 29, 2011, and six branches with Shenzhou 8, No. 10 spacecraft, completed various established tasks=▪■▷, and made a significant contribution to Chinas manned spaceflight development◁●▲. .

Original title: 3 buses in Hebei Niuqiu have been involved in the street, the police have been involved in the new network Xingtai, July 5 (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tie hammer) For the online video “Inner Tsui County Bus is smashing”, Hebei Province The Tsui County Committee propaganda department reported on the evening of the 5th, around 9□-:10 am, in the door of the Negliu County Hospital, I smashing the bus glass event. After investigation, Xiaqiu County Hongxu Public Transport Co., Ltd●▲▪△. Liu and Company Shareholders Xia Mou have disputed by the companys operational problems. On the same day, the companys legal governor Liu led the company driver to smash the glass. In this case-◆, the police also released a notification, and the police have attached to the relevant personnel on the spot and intervene in the investigation. On the morning of the 5th■=◁, a video of “Dangdang County Bus was smashed” in Weibo, WeChat group and other network platfor.

Original title: Original sound file: another Japanese “731 troops” iron certificate! War criminals: I took the live people to do experiments at 9 oclock this morning, and the ▪▼◁…”Boli Trial” precious recordings were handed over in Changchun, Jilin Province. This 22-hour 5 minutes and 57 seconds of recorded files are the first trial material using bacterial weapons crimes during the war of the Japanese▼▲. This ▼■▼★”Boli Judicial Recording” is an except for Japan NHK TV◁•●-, a second complete recording profile that is faked to the Palace Museum in the world. The file is brought back from Russia to China. Poke video▲☆☆◇, see “Boli Trial-○★▲” precious recordings handover scene ↓ ▲ Video Source: CCTV News revealing the Japanese military experiments in China, “Boli trial” is from December 25, 19.

[Review Line] Zhongan Times: “Four History” propaganda education should take the mass line recently▽★-□, the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee printed •…”on the development of party history▽▽, new China history▷◇▼, reform and opening up history■◁●○, socialist development history and education Notice◁○★•, conduct arrangements for “four history” publicity and education in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. I want to know the award, I must first be a history. On the occasion of the Breakfast of the Party Century, the whole society has widened the party history, new China history◇▼■▽, the history of reform and opening up history, and socialist development, and has both realistic and far-reaching significance. To take the mass line, insist on the masses, close to the masses, serve the masses●▪▪, come from the masses, go to the masses, and go d?

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Chen Hang) Beijing City Implemented directory management◁◁, unapproved collection or harvesting of natural germplasm resources▼▷■★, will be 5,000 yuan or more 50,000 The following fines below★◆-◆. On the 27th, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th National Peoples Congress of Beijing was held▼□▽▪. Li Fusheng△◆■▷, Director of the Beijing Municipal Justice□◇, mentioned above as the ◁…”Beijing Seed Ordinance (Draft)▪◇◁” (the Bill of the Description of the Bill). It is not enough to face germplasm and have a problem of not enough◆▽, and the Beijing has a total of 265 certified seed production and management enterprises■◇☆□. In the Beijing-National-level cultivated research and development institution, more than 80 national seed industry research and development institutions◇•☆, in the national-level industrial proje chicken native type ii collagen best liquid collagen organic protein bar industry magazine!Pure collagen capsule gelatin,