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[oem collagen]Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Reporter▷…: I want to ask Liu Qiangdong Committee. Hello Liu Bi, now the development of the e-commerce industry is in full swing▪○◆▲, including the many regions of Inner Mongolia, now ▷▼=…”e-commerce + poverty alleviation” road▼△•, what do we explore which e-commerce poverty alleviation▼●-○? Do you think we should go to better play the role of e-commerce rich peasants, and truly open the “last kilometer”, make this offensive battle▷△? Thank you. Liu Qiangdong: Thank you for your question○▷☆. Jingdong has already done a few years of deep poverty alleviation. When I started doing e-commerce in 2003=…, I went to Jingle County▼=△•, Shanxi Province-◁▽, started “poverty alleviation”, and this ability is outside the business. A further increased contribution. I feel that the most important thing for poverty alleviation: First, this year is giving the villa.

Chinas new website on May 28th According to the National Foreign Exchange Bureau website, recently◇□▷▪, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced the countrys foreign securities investment assets country data in China■▽★. Statistics show that at the end of 2020, my countrys foreign securities investment assets (excluding reserves) were 89.99 billion US dollars. Among them=▷…, equity investment is US $ 604.3 billion, and bonds invest $ 295.5 billion. The country of investment is China Hong Kong■□, the United States, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and the UK…▷, with investment amounts of $ 409.1 billion, $ 1=☆◇.90▼•○.1 billion…○☆, $ 59.2 billion and $ 21▪○●=.5 billion▲=. [Edit▪▼: Chen Haifen.

Original title: Yu Kefen Committee: It is recommended to include farmers quality education into the party committee government assessment content Yu Kefen China Womens Network Figure 3, before the opening ceremony of the 13th meeting of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference Enclosed, one by one questioned a female village note on the partys 19th National Congress. Obviously, there is a experience of the party representative, and after answering the media question▽▪, Yu Liiping is more calm and confident▲•. “What is the change in the nine-nine-year-old Hanbo Village? What is the Peoples Small Wine of the Village I mentioned when I was talking about the General Secretary? As a new National Committee, what is the most concerned about this two? Just as the national three How new feelings do the Eight Red Flag Starters? ○▷△”.…-=.. The interview time before the opening ceremony is short. Report.

Original title: Why is it hugging◇△? The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee talked about 15 minutes on March 7th, the Qinghai Provincial Delegation held a plenary meeting in the Qinghai Hall of the Great Hall of the Great Hall●▪□, representing the draft constitutional amendment and answering the media. The National Peoples Congress representative■◇▷★, the Qinghai Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guoi used the question of ◆▼★”How to lead the people to listen to the party and the party to take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to be in front of the mass◆○▲◆”. He said that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is also the greatest advantage of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. “I have just said this, I have remembered that I have remembered that I went to the East Village▼▷, Anglai Township, Sharzha County▪•▽◁. At the time, I finally bid farewell to the villagers. One Tibetan The folks will take .

The original title is cheap and selling? German media suggestion EU ganglong: Lianmei anti-[observer network comprehensive report] After the US announced the temporary exemption of steel aluminum tariffs on the EU, the German media tasted the sweetness of the sweetness “changed face▽▼☆” and turned the spear head from the United States. The EU calls on the EU should join hands with the United States to jointly fight against “Chinas unfair trade”•▼▼. On the 22nd, the “Frankfurt Report■=” published an article entitled ●◁◇”European and Washington side”, claiming that Trumps trade protectionism threatens global trade, but Europe must avoid intensive trade disputes with the United States■▷◁, should be united in Western countries ◆□, Require China to provide “peer treatment▷◁…”-☆☆△. “Frankfurt Report=▷□” reports screenshots The great achievements of China “spend 30 years to get 800 million people to get rid of poverty◆◆.