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Contacts![fish collagen peptide for sale]Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily News (Reporter Zheng Zhuo report) In response to the ■▽●◆”East Trunk” organization of the United States and Western China and the “East” organization, the so-called British ●▽□”Uyghur Special Tribunal” will be carried out in the near future =◇▽△”listening” Xinjiang race Ending ☆•◇=”Everything May 25, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the ninth▼▲◆” pseudo court -▷▼□”in Beijing, revealing the ugly face of” Pseudo Tribunal “, and condemned this seriously interference in my country, seriously trampling the international law order . …■▷”An illegal court is to the hearing for a century lie▽▷●, it is very absurd. This is the serious trample of international law order, which is a serious embarrassment of the real racial extinct victi.

Source: Beijing traffic broadcasts latest: According to Beijing fire△▽, the current fire has been destroyed. At around 8 this morning, Wangjingqiao, Wangjing Bridge, North Fourth Ring Road◆▼-◆, is rolling on the spot. Currently=▽▲▼, the cause of casualties is unknown▽◁☆…. Fire has entered on-site disposal★●. Widneuse vehicles Oral traffic police arrangements★■, pay attention to driving safety. Beijing traffic radio reporters are rushing to the scene of the accident. (Picture of netizens) Editor•=: Huo .

Original title: Beijing started airborne pollution blue warning tomorrow night cold air arrival air quality improve China Weather Network News According to Beijing Municipal Warning Center=▪◁, Beijing Airborne Pollution Emergency Command Office started airborne pollution on April 1st Blue warning☆▪▷◇. Require related units to strengthen the dust control of the construction site, the city stops outdoor spraying powder, sliding shower construction operation; increase the cleaning intensity of key road cleaning•…○▪; increase enforcement inspection•◁=. Please ask the general public to do health protection•…△. Responsible Editor: Zhang …▼◆.

Unaffected ▽▼▷◇”Eccentric□▷” is the respect for the child (May 28□□, 202, 06) This year●◇-◁, the upcoming ◇◆”June 1▷◁▷” Childrens Day●-○★, the children will get a heavy gift package – October 2020 On the 17th, the revised case of the Ministry of Protection of the Peoples Republic of China has passed the 22nd National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, will be officially implemented on June 1◁☆△, 2021□▲. Examining the newly revised minor protection law☆○☆•, it can be said that the highlight is still frequent, one of which is the content of ◇•”Respecting the True Wishes▷•▷◇” of the Children s Conference●…. For example•▽•▼, Article 4 of the Law will “listen to the opinions of minors” as handli?

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