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[is bovine hide collagen peptides halal]Original title☆●: Indigenization of China Rural Society Fire Perform◆▷■: Villagers strive to continue to worry about the traditional non-fall reference news network reporting in the report in the printing media said that the soul fire can be traced back to the ancient China, in order to pray for all kinds of gods◇★○★, the wind, rain is held Social fire activity. Now the social fire is included in Chinas intangible cultural heritage, and local governments encourage people to participate in this event-▪. According to the ▪◆”Indussan Times◇•” website reported on March 3, the sky is still not bright, people in the northern countryside will get up makeup, they put on colorful costumes○▽△■, wave the sword, dressed as all kinds of legendary characters▼▪▲, celebrate a given Special Festival in the Spring Festival, the special festival of the community★★□▽. The social fires from all over the world gathered on a square in Jixian County, Shaanxi Province▲△◁, and sings and jumped, and the Chinese traditional drama and martial arts were performed. Then it is h!

The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held on March 2, 16:30 on March 2, at the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall▼▲●◇. The General Assembly spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the situation of this conference and answered the reporter▪-◇◁. Wang Guoqing: In 2017, China has handed a very refined economic annual report, and the total economic volume exceeded 82 trillion•▲=, almost equivalent to the fifth to tenth of GDP around the world▪▲▷△, which is England•■, India, France, Italy△◇••, Brazil, The sum of Six countries such as Canada◁•. 6△☆….9% growth is also a variety of energy in the worlds major economies•○▽△. At the macroeconomic situation analysis symposium held in January●◁▽, the committee believes that although the situation of domestic and foreign situation is intricus last year☆▷, my countrys economic development is stable, better than expectations•○=, not only ••”color” high, “temperamen bovine collagen peptides meaning industrial application of single cell protein Pectin manufacturer collagen skin whitening face cream! chemical name of gelatin!

Original title: 15 years later▷○, he raised his minister on March 22nd, the Water Resources Department held a cadre conference, announced the decision of the central governments leading team adjustment, and E. E. The Minister of Water Resources, Party Secretary. Deng Dianming, deputy director of the China Group, read the central governments decision and speaking. On March 19th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress decided to list the deputy prime ministers of the State Council, State Councilors△•…, and Ministers of Ministers. Hubei is appointed as the Minister of Water Conservancy○☆. The data map was originally selected by the Ministry of Water Resources◆○△□, and Chen Lei, the Party Secretary Chen Lei, has been elected the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and deputy director of the National Political Consultative Conference Agriculture and Rural Commission. At the same time, in the recent release of the State Council institutional reform plan-◆•◆, the responsibility of the Ministry of Water Resources is optimized, and the State Councils Three Gorges Engineering Construction Committee and its office, the State Council Nanshi Engineering Construction Committ◆◇…-.

Original title△☆▲: The State Food and Drug Administration▼-: Key to rectify the rural market =◆▼□”名 牌 食品” Meeting in the immortal food will be included in key supervision. The State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement today (March 21), which will focus on rectifying the rural market and urban and rural integration department “” food “” cottage food ▲◁○”◆■▷◇. The State Food and Drug Administration is required in the “Announcement on Combating Food Production and Sales Crimes”◆☆. Key to rectify the rural market, urban and rural integrated parties “famous food” “cottage food”★-◁; focus on rectification of food labeling instructions, express or implies to prevent the treatment of diseas◇▲•.