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[hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide]On May 26, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a routine reporter. Asked by the reporter, the so-called “Uygur Special Tribunal■=” jointly established by some anti-China power and the ★△★=”World Trunk” organized, will “hear=●…” “hearing” in the near future “.▪■◆•” What is Chinas comment? Zhao Lijian said that yesterday, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government held a press conference in Beijing, specializing in the so-called “Uyghur Special Tribunal☆▼▪” in Beijing. Zhao Lijian emphasized that the “Uyghur Special Tribunal” can neither represent the majority of Uighurs people, and it is not a court. It is a special lie manufacturing machine●◆•■. This lie mak.

Original title: Multi-department linkage to strengthen Beijing South Station transportation guarantee source●…◇▷: Changan Street□=-■, Zhiro Sun Hongyang Editor Song Jiayin reported on the transportation guarantee and transportation order of Beijing South Railway Station in recent media, yesterday, Municipal Transportation Committee, Beijing Railway Bureau□▽●▷, Fengtai District Government▼○, Beijing South Railway Station Management Committee▽▽, etc▷▪△-., etc□☆., rapidly, in Beijing South Railway Station, holds a site meeting▽☆◇△, research transportation guarantee, transportation order governance and service improvement. At present, the transportation department has increased the nighttime rental capacity, increase the diversified line of the bus high-speed railway, and the law enforcement departments increase the illegal cracking efforts, and the road peripheral roads around the South Railway Station have been implemented for a long time, multi-point, and all mode. Yesterday▽•, the person in charge of the relevant departments came to Beijing South Railway Station•◆△, and the rental scheduled station, the Northeast Plaza bus hu□▪▷.

The information map is Chongqing high-rise building. Zhongxin News Reporter Chen Chao Xing Zhongxin Service Beijing May 27th (Reporter Pangsuo) Chinas multi-key cities completed the first batch of ▪-★◇”centralized announcements•○•, concentrated supply” this year (referred to as □▽☆”two episodes”) According to statistics released on the 27th of the Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center◆…◇, as of May 26th◁=●▽, China has completed 15 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang▪•▼, Changchun, and Shenzhen completed the first batch of concentrated water this year. The first batch of land transactions in 15 cities were as high as 715.8 billion yuan (RMB, the same)-•△●. Under the influence of the policy of concentrating the land▽▼, land supply volume. According to statistics, the first batch of 15 cities into the market will sta?

On the afternoon of May 27-▽☆★, there was a quality class held a 2021 secondary product upgrade conference to explore the learning problem of the current middle school students◁△▪. At the press conference, NetEase has a CEO Zhou Feng to explain the value of students in a good class. He said that online education should focus on teaching and research□■•★, so that the teacher “pile” is deeply grinding to make a conscience product. At the same time, online education is high interactive to improve the appeal and learning efficiency of the classroom. “A good class can touch the students soul▷▲.●△◁=” Zhou Feng mentioned that in order to deepen this concept, there is a good class with a good class to focus on the middle school curriculum, and have a comprehensive upgrade in the three aspects of teachers, technology and teaching. According to reports, there is a high school language in the middle of China in addition to Hong Kon.