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About Us proteínas en la industria alimentaria pdf,[Organic Liquid collagen]Original title★△◆: Zhang Jun: Prison is not the zoo to be admitted, can accommodate, running on Overseas Network on March 3, 3▲•★, 2018■●, the first “minister channel” in the country in 2018 in the 13th session of the National Committee of China The opening ceremony will be officially opened. In answering questions about the ▪○☆▪”Spring Festival during the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Justice Zhang Jun said that the transformation of criminals, we have to do●□◇▲” get it under the gains, manage, and cant run. •□=•” Prison is not a zoo●□•, and the raptor beast has been concerned in the zoo. Whether the prison can be safe, responsible for the security of the overall national security, must be responsible for the transformation of criminals to become a law-abiding citizen. This must be done safe=•▽•, and then do the safety. Zhang Jun said=△, “Let the transformation of criminals sociali.

Original title: Liaoning ship passes through the Taiwan Strait★▽, will it be in the South Navy? According to the Liberation Army, the Navy will hold a practical drill in the South China Sea. The outside world is expected to be the first big drama that is the most concerned in the actual combat training of the Annual Liberation Army, and it is very likely that Chinas first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship first participated in actualized exercises◆◇△. Liaoning Ship or will participate in the South China Sea Exercise on March 21, the Taiwan Administration Defense Department said that the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier formation entered the Taiwan -▲★◇”Air Defense Identity” on March 20. On March 21, they will move to the southwest○△△, and judging Cross-region training. Another new comprehensive replenishment ship =☆”Hulun Lake” built for the Navy is specialized in the Taiwan Strait△•□•. When the news came out, it immediately triggered the islands public opinion△◇. 2 days later Mar.

Original title★◆=▼: 62-year-old Liu Kun was elected Minister of Ministry of Finance: The previously serving the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Liu Kun Oriental IC Information March 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the seventh plenary meeting. The General Assembly vote vote▷△, appointed Liu Kun as the Minister of the Ministry of Finance▽=◁. Liu Kun△-☆, male, Han nationality-▽▲, born in December 1956, Guangdong Rao Ping, July 1984, joined the Communist Party of China, participated in the work in June 1973●▽, graduated from the Ministry of Finance and Finance in Xiamen University★■•▼, Guangdong Provincial Party School Economics Postgraduate. From 1988 to 1997★-…○, he served as deputy director of the General Office of the Government Office of Guangdong Province, Director, and deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Government Office in 1997, 2001 to 2002, Ren Guangdong Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General (the Office) .

Original title■▲: Russian media: China and Russia may establish Joint Space Station According to Russian News Agency, the Russian Rocker and Aerospace Savings revealed that China ASAs delegation and Russian Space State Group Corporation will establish the possibility of establishing a joint space station◇▪☆□. During negotiations★△◆◆. According to sources, the Chinese Aerospace Bureau will visit Moscow this weekend, and Russia will discuss cooperation in the field of manned projects with China. The news said that China plans to establish a multi-module space station in the next few years-▲-, and is very interested in Russias experience in long-term space flight and construction of large space facilities▼△. In addition, China lacks some key technologies▽…, hoping to obtain these technologies by establishing partnerships with Russia. Prior to this☆…●, Russian Aerospace National Group Corporation and China National Aerospace Bure marine vs bovine collagen peptides!

Original title: Western Medicine: China will build a big panda national park scale is a big panda shooting three times in Yellowstone Park in Sichuan●•, China Panda Protection Research Center. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin Reference Message Network reported on March 10 that the Western Media said that the climate change within the next few decades will cause the giant panda to lose more than one-third▼=. Taking into account 99% of its food derived from bamboo, this can cause catastrophic impact on giant pandas. According to the •▲□”Pioneer News” on March 9▷△▷△, China is the only country with wild giant pandas◆▪. In the face of this situation, China is working hard to protect the future of the giant panda can have a suitable living environment. According to reports, China will establish a big bear in more than 27,000 square kilometer. collagen fish peptide can an allergy to beef eat bovine collagen peptides