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Pectin manufacturer.[olly gelatin]At 9▷●:00 on March 13th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. After the meeting, the North Hall “Ministerial Channel” opened•■☆▲, and the reporter held the head of the State Council of the State Council attended the meeting□△. Below is the director of the Poverty Alleviation, Liu Yongfu, answered the reporter▽☆▪▪. China Poverty Alleviation: It is too much to take off the poverty●-•▲. Is there any measures to crack? Liu Yongfu: This phenomenon is still a lot, and there are indeed some problems in the weak links in the process of poverty. For example●-, there are too many filledments○◆, and all departments must fill in the number of reports, even formism◁●•. This is to correct. The central government has decided that this year as a work style of the poverty alleviation field is to correct such formism. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor•★●■: Zhang Yili▲▪◁.

Original title: Authoritative Expert Interpretation of Zhang Zhongsheng case, Judgment…▽, Professor•◆★•, Gao Mingzi•▪, on May 28, Zhang Zhongsheng case, the “Legal Daily” reporter interviewed special professor of Criminal Legal Science Research Institute, Beijing Normal University, doctoral tutor, China The Honorary President of the Criminal Law Research Association is interpreted and interpreted from the judgment of the jurisprudent and interpretation of the criminal legal policy towards the criminal legal policy and legal applicability△○☆◆. “Legal Daily◇▽” reporter▲★…: Please introduce the legal basis for this case sentenced to immediately executed immediately•◆▪. In the context of cautiously apply the death penalty, how to see the defendant is sentenced to the death penalty immediately? What kind of anti-corruption new weather is there? Gao Mingtu=★☆☆: According to the provisions of Article 48 of the Criminal Law of my country, the application of the death penalty is the criminal ▽○•▲”crime is extremely seriou?

Original title: (Military) “The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Internal Sign (Trial)●◆•” mainly revised the six aspects of the New China Beijing April 15 (Reporter Li Yun, Liu Jimei) reporter learned from the Central Military Commission Training Management Department□•☆▪, the Peoples Liberation Army The “Human Operation Order” has been revised and 15 chapters of 325, mainly revised six aspects▽◇. Human instructions and principles of internal construction. The “Party in the new era” “Building the World First-class Army…●□” “Comprehensive Strictly Administering Army☆▼●” Important thinking and discussing writing, fully reflecting the political construction army▪…▲, reforming the strong army, science and technology, and governing the army and preparing for the war. Adjustment to optimize military duti–.