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[empty soft gelatin capsule]Original title: Beijing released a big wind blue warning tonight to tomorrow will have Level 7 gust in China Weather Network News Beijing Meteorological Opportunities on the 14th to release a large wind blue warning, affected by cold air, expected to be half-night to 15 days after 14 days The city will appear 4, 5 northern winds, the gust can reach 7 levels, and the local area is accompanied by the sand▷▷★△; at the same time■•, the temperature has declined. Please pay attention to prevention. 1•▼. Governments, relevant departments and units to prevent wind and wind preparations in accordance with their responsibilities▼□, pay close attention to forests☆▷◇…, grassland and urban fire prevention, airports▽▷★, railways and transportation management departments should take measures to ensure traffic safety☆◇=★; 2, stop high altitude, water outdoor homework and amusement Activity□▷-; 3, reinforcing blasts, sheds, billboards◁=, etc◆■…. It is easy to be blown by wind blowing, and properly resettle outdoor items that are easily damaged by win!

The reporter learned from the Jining City, Shandong Province△▼★, I learned that 23:06 on May 26th-△★▪, the jujube group Xinan coal mine explored into the top☆◇●, causing six miners trapped. Jining City and Shandong Provincial Department of Shandong Province quickly launched emergency plans, the first time to promote professional rescue power, and fully organize the rescue rescue on site. At present●◁☆, rescue work is in tight. (General Taiwan reporter Li Bingzen) [Editor: Yu Xia gelatin appetite suppressant custom gelatin capsules Pure collagen! china gelatine powder bovine collagen peptides vs marine collageb peptides!

Original title: Exclusive Interpretation Government Work Reports During the New Opportunity of Ventures□=■, the governments work report during the two sessions of the year is undoubtedly “wind direction” in Chinas development in the next year▪▷★◁. This morning, Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a 2018 government work report, emphasized that it would ◁•=☆”promote the entrepreneurial business, and innovate new levels”. In the report◆☆•, -=▲”innovation” has appeared 55 times, “Internet○□-=” 12 times, ▷…☆”Internet +◇▲” appears 7 times, “artificial intelligence”, “structural reform of agricultural supply”, •●▷”sharing economy•▷”☆◁○, “medical health”, ▲=◇” Internet finance “, etc. also also become a hot word■•…○. The report directly hits the birth and pain points, open a number of preferential policies, and send the opening ceremony for the creation. Looking for China Chuangke (ID: xjbmaker) invited many experts scholars and first lin.

Original title: Wang Yi talks about Sino-US relations: there can be competition, do not have to do an opponent◆▽□, more need to be a partner Journalist Nan Bo on March 8, China Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in China and the United States in the foreign minister reporter meeting Sino-US can have competition, do not have to do an opponent, more demand. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili.

Original title▷•▼•: Shanxi Zhongyang County Enver, Zounawa: In order to give him a huge amount of huge property, Guo Baoping, who will give others huge property, Zhongyang County☆○◇, the principal of China▲▽, and Guo Bao Ping, a “double opening◇★…=”, and is approved by the provincial party committee. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission conducted a case review of Guo Baoling, a serious violation of the law and discipline of the CENTRE CIRE▷▷★. After investigation, Guo Baiping violates the discipline of organizational discipline…▼◁-, giving others huge property◆▽•, and violates the use of cadres; violating integrity discipline◆▷▲☆, accepting gifts○■□. Guo Baiping is a leading cadre of party members◁…■★, violating organizational discipline=○-, integrity and discipline▼◇☆, and serious circumstances should be seriously processed. According to the relevant provisions of the CPC Disciplinary Regulations, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has been approved by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, and the provincial party committee is approved and decided to give Guo Baoping to expel the party◇○, and expense the public relations●…. G.