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[industrial protein extraction]Original title: In fact, todays interview, dry goods is still quite a lot [客 岛 岛 按] At noon today, on the minister of the 13th National Peoples Congress, Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission=▼●▷, received a reporters interview, The capital is the main transformation of the national supervision function▷◆▷▽, and the central enterprises participate in the “all the way” construction, the number of people in the Northeast state-owned enterprises☆-, “Guojin Retire★◁◆” and other topics answered the reporter. And this, the island Shu Divissen has also given a problem. The Heroes is also “anger▪…△…” has a sense of existence▪▼=…. The following is the text record of this conference: Northeast Zhenxing Situ: The development of the northeast of these two years has been widely received, and there is also a very important part of the countrys reform. There is a view that there is a strong state-owned enterprise reform in the northeast of these two year.

Original title●◆: In commemoration of the speech at the 100th anniversary of Zhang Tingfa, “Peoples Daily” (April 11, 2018) Today□◁●★, we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Comrade Zhang Tingfa-▷▷, and deeply remember him=☆▽★. The battle of the battle and the excellence contribution to the party▼■, the country, and the army, and they will learn his revolutionary spirit and lofty style▲•-●. I encourage us to dont forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, continue to struggle, and continue to advance the strong military industry in the new era-▪. Comrade Zhang Tingfa is the outstanding party member of the Communist Party of China…◇◇, the tested loyal communist warrior, proletarian revolutionary, our militarys outstanding military leaders. He served as an air military committee, commander◇★○, member of the Central Military Commission-▷▲, member of the Standing Committee, and the Communist Party of China, the eleventh and 12th Central Committee of the Communist Part☆▷★.

Original title: War and veterans●△■…: militants have seen the Chinese flag after Zheng Zhongqi return to the picture Source: Jilin Daily Wu Qiang is telling the police officers to tell him with the national flag of the national flag◆◁, the Spring and Spring, the second road, the enchanting▼-★. At three oclock on the afternoon of March 15, Changbai Shandong Wo Cinema film “Red Sea Action◇☆○▽” screening ended…☆◇=, with the audience of the spread○■•, Wu Qiang, the director of the Changbai Mountain Public Security, and returned to the snow=◆. On the car□=▽●, Wu Qiang◇□★▲, who has successfully implemented the United Nations peacekeeping mission, which represents the state, has a national implementation of the United Nations peacekeeping mission◁○■◁. The topic surrounds the “Red Sea Action” and what is the same as their vice of peacekeeping police experience. Wu Qiangs thinking side△▼, we all use the safety of the peoples lives and safety, all of which are fighting with terrorists, all have the ▼-■▼”brave fearless, benevolen◇◇?

Original title: Sichuan 邛崃 Police informed: a male body found that a male body was found. He was further investigating 9 oclock on March 27, 2018, and our bureau found a corpse in the next demolition site in Wenjun Street Office West Street. After receiving the police, the police quickly rushed to the scene to carry out work★•▲•. After preliminary examination of forensics, the body is confirmed by male, and the public security organs are carrying out further investigation work. Source: WeChat public account -▲◇●”邛崃 公” ◇▲●”Editor▲=: Zhang Yili.

Original title■☆◇▷: Four years 50 sexual violations 6 measures such as identification can only be used●◆. (Oriental IC / Figure) In the past four years, the media reports and the drip drivers sexual invasion◇☆▪, sexual harassment incidents treated by the relevant departments, at least 50. Female passengers were raped by a windmill driver★△•, and it had taken place in 2017. Participation of the drip public relations department: Take a punishment of the sexual harassment incidents – a permanent enclosure account, but it has to be recognized that there is a problem that the problem of fracture of sexual harassment is difficult. 50 drivers, at least 3 people have a criminal preceding department that endangers personal safety, but through the “three certificat▼•▷▲.