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[pectin extractor]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27th (Reporter Liu Xia Village) Reporter learned from the Emergency Management Department on the 27th that the Emergency Management Department will transfer 3,000 cotton tents to Qinghai Province with the National Food and Materials Reserve on the 26th, 10,000 cotton coats▪◆■, 5000 bed quilts, 10,000 folding beds, 1000 tensored stoves and 200 simple toilets, etc▲★.…◇, support for basic living security work such as transfer and resettlement of affected people-△•. According to the person in charge of the Emergency Management Department, after the morning of May 22◆◆□△, after the 7▪☆◁▪.4 earthquake in Mado County▪□, Qinghai Province▪◇◁-, the Emergency Management Department quickly launched the second-level emergency response of particular major earthquake disasters★•○, and dispatched the national comprehensive fire rescue team. Carry o?

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 27th (Reporter Zhong Wei) Chongqing Electronics Social Security Card issued over 10 million live events on the 28th of the city of Fujiang District●■•. The reporter learned that Chongqing Social Security Card has basically realized full coverage▼▽•○. Since launching an electronic social security card issued in March 2019△☆▷, it has issued an electronic social security card over 10 million▽•▪, reaching 11 million□★◆…. According to reports★◁, the electronic social security card is issued by the national social security card platform…☆○▽, the effective electronic voucher applied to the unified management, and the entity social security card function corresponds to the unique map▷△. Electronic social security card combined with electronic certification, biometric identification, artificial intelligence and other Internet security technical means, implement line application ■=◇▼”real person, re□•◇?

Original title△◇: “Xu Yuyu case” entered the highest method of work reports for a summary of fraud, 11,000 pieces, March 9th, 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in Beijing Great Hall, the Supreme Peoples Court Work report by the Supreme Peoples Court▪◇. China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Zhao Qing / Xia Yong Online Beijing March 9th (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Hu Chunyan Wang Yunjun) Supreme Peoples Court Dean Zhou Qiang is in the 13th National Peoples Congress When the Supreme Peoples Courts work report said that in the past five years▽○, resolutely crack down on telecommunications network fraud crimes, and will be issued with the Ministry of Public Security and other departments to apply legal opinions, and the case of Xu Yuyu is 11★▪,000 pieces of fraud. The judicial explanation of violations of personal information cases in violation of citizens, severely punish the disclosure of person.Gelatin wholesale how protein denaturation can benefit food industry gelatin gel,