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[Plant gelatin empty capsule]Original title…◆○: •…-■”Five One Hundred◁…◇△” makes the magnificent scenery of the new era can be better than the spring breeze, ★▪▼”five one hundred” blowing network positive energy full screen flower sea. Recently▲◆▷, the national Internet information office guidance●▽, China Internet Development Foundation…•○▲, Peoples Network, Global Network, CCTV, China News Network, China Youth Network Five Central News Website Help, ★■”Network Poly Energy Singing New Era▲▽★◆” The third “five one hundred” network positive energy boutique selection activities of the theme entered the presence of the voting stage. After washing in the years, the network positive energy is more full. Compared with the past two sessions★-□, the number of participants in the 3rd “Five One hundred” selection is more, and the scale is also even larger★★. According to the data, there are more than 1,300 people in this year to declare “Network Positive Energy Sample”, nearly 4◇•○◇,000 articl.

[Pantong□◆●○, the vice president of the central bank★●-: Peoples Bank will support the rational needs of residents, especially new citizens to buy homes◆▪■●, and Pan Gongsheng, deputy director of the central bank, said in the press conference today, the current personal housing loan growth can meet the reasonable needs of the market, the peoples bank in this regard It will actively support the rational needs of residents, especially new citizens to buy housing. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor…-□•: Chu Xiaoh◇•.

Xinhua News Agency•-, Beijing, May 26, the Minister of the Communist Party of China▼▽, the Ministry of Foreign Liaison, attended the Chinas main political parties to the Chinese, the anti-epidemic video exchange meeting and the China Pub▼▲◆, the ruling party celebrated the seventy anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and the 10th anniversary of the two parties. Activities, Chairman of Timier, Ni Ni (United), Chairman of the Timberchuan▼▼, Ni Ni (United)…•, Chairman of the Government Deputy Prime Minister Bo Kriel, Ni (Human Center), Pre-government Prime Minister Pula Claus, etc. Mainly political parties and Pakistan The vice chairman of the Justice Party, the diplomatic minister Culei, etc.……, enhanced the partys interaction, deepening the exchange of government experience, and strengthening the anti-vlorative cooperation. [Edit: 立•▼?

Xinhua News Agency■▲, Tokyo, May 26 (Reporter Huawei) The Japanese Congress Senate officially passed the revised “Global Warming Countermeasures” in the 26th, and the Japanese government proposed by the Japanese government to achieve carbon neutrality in the form of legislation. the goal▽▼▪. According to the media of the Communist Participation, the revised ▲▷•▪”Global Warming Countermeasures Promotion Law” was passed on the Plenary Conference on the Senate, which was officially made in April 2022. This is the first time in Japan to write greenhouse gas emission reduction targets◁△▪. According to this new law•-, local governments such as Duofu County, Japan will have an obligation to set the specific goal of renewable energy★●. Local governments will expand renewable energy such as solar ener?