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[40 mesh gelatin]Original title: Beijing reproduces Huangsha, but said•=□◁, less and less than Beijing sand dust? China Weather Network today (28th)□◆, Beijing has appeared this years first large-scale dust weather process▲○●★, and some regional PM10 concentration approximated 2000, air quality explosion◆△. The dust is one of the weather phenomena in Beijing, and when the dust is hit=☆, Huangsha is the sky, the air is full of hummas. In recent years, people seem to feel fewer and fewer days–◆, and the data tells you the truth△…▲. Spring (3, 4, May) is a high season of Beijing sand dust, including the highest year in April. Statistics show that Beijing April monthly dust has 6.1 days; in March, in May, the number of sandstone days of the May◁★…◆, 3.6 days and 3.9 days respectively. At 3 or September, the sources of Northern Shayuan began to th.

China New Jingwei Client May 28-…△, on Friday, Shanghai◁■□○, Shenzhen◆●◇, deep into the midday▪□▪=, from the Ningde Times, Yaqi Lithium, Sunshine Power▪▪○, etc.-○◇, the innocent rose over 1%. Lithium battery concept stocks rise•=, domestic software, military, brokerage, non-ferrous metal plates, block chains, petrochemical, 5G plate callback, media, paper plates weaken◁□△. The three-day turnover is over 600 billion yuan▲★▽▷. Growth chart when the GEM○△. Source▼•: WIND Assembly, Shanghai Index is paid, reported 3609.03 points◆-, the turnover is 267△▷.4 billion yuan•▼; the deep interstage rose 0.14%-■, reporting 14917.39 points◇-●, the turnover is 338■★○.1 billion yuan▽☆△; G.

Original title: (Education) Beijing Primary School will realize the after-school service “Three half-half after full cover” Xinhua News Agency Beijing August 23 (Reporter Hu Hao, Zhao Wei) For the “Three Points 3:30 after class” Puzzle, Feng Hongrong, deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said on the 23rd that Beijing is planning to provide three-point-compared class service after three oclock in the citys compulsory education section, further increased education resources. At the Press Conference of the Ministry of Education…◁▽, Feng Hongrong introduced that in the form of ☆-▪-“Government Buying Social Service”, the school provides students with post-class service for students, and the time is not less than 3 days a week. No less than 1 hour a day. Since September this year◁•▼, after class, the service is intended to be extended to 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. For a long time, due to childr▪△•.

Original title: The first meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference (March 2, 2018, the first meeting of the Thirteenth National Committee of the CPPCC) March 3 (Saturday) 3 pm At the beginning of the 13th meeting, the 13th meeting of the CPPCC will be 1○▲. Listening to the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC 2▲•. Listening to the Standing Committee of the CPPCCs Standing Committee on proposal on March 4 (Sunday) at 9:00 am (Review of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee) At 3 oclock in the afternoon (consideration of the Standing Committee Work Report and Proposal) Report of Work Situation) Opening of the 13th National Peoples Congress of 13 March (Monday). list.Pure collagen proteine del latte per industria pectin powder pharmaceutical grade,