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Pure collagen![50 lb gelatin]Original title: The glorious mission of the new era Editorial – Congratulations on the National Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Daily•◁, the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference will open in Beijing tomorrow. With the pace of the new era, there should be a look forward to more than 1.3 billion people☆▪▽△, and more than 2,100 new National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference gathered to the capital, and jointly contributed to the reform and development. We congratulate the congratulations to the conference◇• collagen peptides fish or beef collagen better edible gelatin bloom 200! A period of five years, a five-year step, Chinas development advancement is closely related to the rhythm of national political life-□▽. I have just been in the past five years, in the process of development in the party and national development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the unity of the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core is united, and the new, the new, the socialism of Chinese characteristics has entered the new tim…●.

# 2018 Watching the two sessions # [Minister of Justice Zhang Jun: 999 sin criminals before the Spring Festival The four third five-year-old time is coming. The activity of this event is affected by the specific work of the prison•▼☆, and has also supported social side☆■. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor◆•◁: Zhang .

Original title: Can you sit? The US Trade delegation was dispatched to Chinas negotiations, and finally there was a voice that negotiated negotiations after more than a month of confrontation…☆◇. According to Xinhua News Agency, the White House announced on April 30th, the seven-person list of this week△□, including Minister Minister Mnchin, the Minister of Commerce, Rose□○, US Trade, LeTheze★…●, Bai House National Economic Commission Director Kud Luo…▪…•, White House Trade Consultant Navaro, US Ambassador to China Brandstead and the White House National Economic Commission, Eisensta▽▲◆. According to China Daily◇△▪▼, the specific time of the US trade delegation visited China was set this Thursday and Friday (May 3-4)▲□. It is worth paying attention to this trade delegation, which is composed of 7 people, is a “Eagle” represents the figure★-■•. Among them▷◁, LeThe=•▼•.

Original title•★◇: Community■◆□◆: Sino-US trade consultation, cake also premise that the deputy prime minister Liu He led the Chinese team and the US Party Rose led the US team to consult in Beijing on the 2nd to 3rd, and implementing the two sides on May 19th in Washington. consensus. According to the notification, the China-US team has positively progressively progress around the communication between agriculture, energy and other fields. China and the United States from trade disputes, the US issued a punitive tariff plan, China resolutely adopted a peer-to-peer-related measures, reached the Washington consensus, forming a framework agreement=●-◁, and then to Rose came to Huajun to achieve new progress, and talked, It has also agsticated the global market. There is now some hope of reasoning the whole process now. We also noticed that the US did not give up the tariff threat to China now=☆●. White House May .

Original title: Hebei Tang responded “Transportation Bureau law enforcement vehicle illegal●□▽”: The relevant responsible person has been suspended ■◇★”Hebei A transportation Bureau multiple law enforcement vehicles involved in the media”, Hebei Province, Tang Tang County Committee On the 21st, the relevant responsible person has been suspended. On the 21st, there was media report that many roads and transportation management law enforcement vehicles were missing vehicles in the traffic departments in Hebei Province. In response to this-•, the propaganda department of the Tang Tang County Committee of Hebei Province said that in the chaos of the Tang County transportation department system, it involved missed inspection, and the scrapped vehicles have been investigated by the county public security traffic department according to law. At the same time, the relevant responsible persons of the Tang County Road Administration Station and the Transport Management Station involved in this matter have been suspended□◇☆-. Editor in charge: Huo ◆•-. fish collagen peptide là gì what kind of fish is used in collagen peptide