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[protein pharmaceutical industry]Original title: This •★□◆”foreigner” was invited to enter the Beijing Municipal Government…▽★, giving the mayor▪▷◁△? Source: Beijing Daily Yesterday afternoon 2 pm, the municipal government meeting room, a “special” course is in progress○☆. Seeing that the round table is the susceptor of the Vocational Mayor Chen Jining▼△▷◆, 7 Deputy Mayors and the Secretary-General of the Municipal Government□●, and the person in charge of the relevant departments and district government, and the other side is the lecture■□△. Google Company Shibang-☆, president of the district▽□☆. This is the latest internationalization, high level, mobile Zhuku, the latest internationalization, high level, mobile reading○△-, “Beijing International Lecture Hall”. Lecture Hall around the citys ▲•▽”four centers=▽” city strategic positioning, selects a topic every quarter, inviting internationally renowned entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, etc., come to Beijing as the municipal party committee and municipal governme●•.

Original title: China practice promotes the comrades of the 21st Century Marxist Innovation Development, Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out in the 19th National Congress of the Party=○★…. The socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era. In the history of the development of the Peoples Republic of China, it is of great significance in the history of the Chinese nation. In the history of socialist development, there is also a significant meaning in the history of human society. The theory stems from practice▲▽□, great practice produces great theories, and Chinese theory flashes dazzling Marxist Truth in the great Chinese practice. We must firmly develop the history of the 21st century Marxism and insist on promoting the development of Marxist innovation in the 21st century in the continuous development of Chinese practice▽▷=. A deep understanding of the innovation and development of the 21st century Marxist sacred position is an important part of commemorating comrades in the 200th Anniversary of Ma!

Original title: Wang Guoqiang no longer serves as a party secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine▷•, and the director Wang Guoqiang. Visual China Data On March 28th, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a cadre conference to inform the Central Committee on Wang Guoqiang no longer serve as the Party Secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. Director Zeng Yixin is committed to the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, the responsible bureau of Ma Jianzhong◆◆, a member of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration△■, and deputy director. Zeng Yixin, Wang Guoqiang attended the meeting and speaking, Ma Jianzhong hosted the meeting. Wang Guoqiang said, resolutely supported the entire observation from the central government□◁•, and happily retreat from the leadership position and fully agreed with the decision of the party group◇▪…. In the past 11 years, especially since the 18th National Congress◁☆▼▼, the party centronics in the heart of Xi Jinpi.

Original title: US official public seeks Iranian regime to remember the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 3, 2018, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter meeting▼▪★, and there were reporters asked, first, the US State Department yesterday said yesterday•★. Turning Irans oil exports to zero▽★. What extent will China cooperate with the United States in this area◇△▼◆? How can China respond to Chinas business and Iran? Second, Trumps lawyers Juliani and US President National Security Affairs Assistant Bolton publicly seeks the Iranian regime. What is Chinas comment★•◆? Lu Hong responded that about the first question●▲, China has always opposed the single sanctions and “long arm jurisdiction.◇▪☆■” China and Iran are friendly countries. We maintain normal interaction and cooperation within the framework that meets their respective international la◇•○. maxilife chicken collagen type ii industrial scale production of proteins Pure collagen pork gelatin wholesaler gelatin from bovine skin,