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[china kosher gelatine]Original title•▷: Korean media□▼▼•: For China to strengthen the law and punishment, South Korea is only repairing the repair [Compilation / Observer Net Li Huanyu] The same is more than the smog-▲, South Korea always likes to deduct the smog to the Chinese head, sometimes Directly reported “Chinas smog”. In front of the front, Qingwavel Website asked the government to protrude to China to protest to China, but also received support for 210,000 people in a short time. However, in addition to madly, China, Korean media finally made some reflections. On April 1◁=△, South Koreas ◇=•”Jingxiang News” reported that Chinas smog has less than in the past few years-▷◇, and South Korea should learn from China to learn about the haze method■=. “Jingxiang News-=”: The haze era▷▽●, China is in strengthening regulations and punishment, South Korea focuses on short-term countermeasures report, Korean public opinion seems to !

Original title=▼●▷: [Personnel] Shanghai Municipal Management Cadres Treated Public Notice★•△, Dingbo and other 8 people intended to be submitted to Dingbo▪■★●, male-◆▲, born in January 1978, Han nationality, gonghuan Changsha▷○▪, full-time postgraduate, master◁▼▽●, director, Director, In July 2002★▲○, he participated in the work, joined the Communist Party of China in December 1997. He is currently a deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League▼…, the Director of the Liberation of Japanese Liberation Daily. It is proposed to be a deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League★▲△□. Yan Bin, male, born in January 1981▷◁★, Han nationality▲•▽★, boriaeh★•▲…, a full-time university, bachelors degree in history■▽, bachelor of philosophy▽□, a masters degree in public management◆•-, June 2003, June 1999, join the Communist Party of China-▲☆. He is currently a deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xianxia New Village•▪◇, Changning District, director of the Office. It is proposed to recommend Shanghai Shangh.

Original title◆□▽: Hong Kongs surprise, Japanese army grenaders, police bombing experts, detonated bombers, will detonate shells, small maps are the shells after detonation (Figure: Hong Kong Media) Overseas Network April 5, Hong Kong reproduces the Japanese army Grencho best gelatin factory gelatin bone glue About Us. fish collagen producer gelatin online! According to Hong Kong media news△▷•, Hong Kong Island Datan Tang Dao Yabo Garden closed the tower of the big chamber, 2 oclock in the afternoon▪▷•◇, foreign “bomb hunter” Edward (Edward, 25 years old) using a metal detector, at the site hillside When the detection is performed, it is found that there is a suspected bomb object and then alarm▲◇. The police reported the blocked live survey, and the explosive product treatment class (EOD) was present, and the firefighting also was also in the game. The shell is detonated. (Figure▼•: Hong Kong media) bombing experts have been examined○▽-…, I believe it is a two-day Japanese army to occupy the grenades, and about 20 ●•?

China News Cooperative Ningxia Shizi Mountain May 28 (Yang Di Li Zeyang) The worlds first set of iron alloy industrial exhaust fuel ethanol projects on Ningxia Shizishan Pingluo County officially put into production. The project is expected to produce 45,000 tons of fuel ethanol and 5••□=,000 tons of protein powder, and the output value is 330 million yuan◇-, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 180▲=★◁,000 tons per year◇▼■▼. The worlds first set of iron alloy industrial exhaust fuel ethanol project was officially put into production. Li Zeyang Take Industry Tail Gas Biomara Firming Fuel ethanol technology is an emerging biotechnology process that can realize efficient cleaning and utilization of industrial exhaust resources. This technology reduces carbon emissions, replacing fossil energy■●■◇, protects national energy, food security and structu◇•…▪.