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[hyperthermophile fussion proteins industry]Original title◇□: 2018 military school enrollment, the information you need here is here, the new combat power and urgent need for moderate increase Q: The recent supervisor has released the 2018 Chinese college enrollment plan through the media, triggering widespread attention. What kind of ideas should be followed by the enrollment work this year? What is the change in scale changes compared with previous years◇▲▪▲? A: The 2018 military college enrollment work▪○▪, with the guidance of Xi Jinping strong military thinking, staring at the ability to fight and win the talent training target, give full play to the new institutional system advantage○○▪▲, follow the steady, steady and stricken, quality Priority thinking□■★◆, focusing on improving the policy system, building a working mechanism, delaying the high-quality birthplace•◆◁, and makes an orderly efficient development. On quantity, it is basically flat…-, the Liberation Army and Armed Police Force have been fundarated last yea.

Chinas new network on May 28th, according to the National Foreign Exchange website, in April 2021, the international goods and service trade income of my countrys balance of payments were 1827.6 billion yuan, with an expenditure of 160.6 billion yuan, and the surplus was 220.1 billion yuan. Among them, the trade of goods trade is 165.67 billion yuan, with an expenditure of $ 2.54▼•.8 billion; service trade income is 171 billion yuan, accounting 205.7 billion yuan, with a deficit 34.8 billion yuan■◁■▲. According to the US dollar, in April 2021, the international goods and service trade income of my countrys balance of payments were $ 280.3 billion=□☆…, with an expenditure of $ 33.7 billion. Among them□▷◁◇, goods trade revenue is 254=●.1 billion US dollar.

Original title▼●•◆: US military high-profile plane is only 400 kilometers away from the Diaoyu Islands [Global Network Military April 2nd report Global Times reporter Ma Jun Special reporter] US ◁▲▽□”Defense News★-” Appeal A young reporter interviewed the station The report of the US 353 353th Special Combat Brigade of the Empty Army Base has triggered an external attention▷●□. Not only because of the ▪•▪”Defense News” reporters announced the equipment in the US military two-type special combat transportation cabin, but also because of this special combat force deployed in the Jiamens base. The Jiaguan Air Force Base in Japan Okinawa is one of the US militarys largest frontier strategic fulfillment points in Asia Pacific◁◇=•. It faces East Asia mainland, with a broad Pacific Ocean★=●, which can support terrestrial operations, but also pay aid demand, and the strategic location is very heav◁●?