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japan gelatin purification of recombinant protein for industrial use conell sugar beet pectin powder,[collagen peptides made from fish]Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Chunliang▼●•: Mo let the “high price color” make farmers ◇★=…”Because of marriage” cover news reporter Zhang Lu Yan ▲★”•-●, the more poor, the more high price, the house, the car, etc•▽.■•”, the National Peoples Congress On behalf of the Chunliang, it was the party secretary of the Zhangcun Community Party★◇☆, Zhangcun Township, Huixian City, Xinxiang City▪★•, Xinxiang City, Henan Province◁=. In his observation, in recent years, the phenomenon of ●◇●”high-priced gift” in the countryside has not been rare. This year◁▽▷▲, the national two sessions, and he puts forward the recommendations of the “high-priced color gift” issue of rural areas, pointing out to the phenomenon of “high-priced gift☆■◁▪” should be contained from the improvement of rural pension security systems☆○▽, public opinion guidance, etc. In the grassroots work ten years, Yan Chun is discovered that with the development of economic society, the colorful ceremony has risen high, the more poor, the more you want to “high price”. “For some poor areas▲•, ?

Original title: May Day, the second day○□▷: Scenic reception tourists grow more than 46.1% from the first day, New Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) Today is the second day of the May 1 holiday, the weather is good. The reporter learned from the Beijing Tourism Commission that the number of tourists increased significantly than yesterday, 170 tourist scenic spots in the city have received 2521 million tourists=•■■, a year-on-year increase of 4■△•.8%▽…-◆, an increase of 46.1% over yesterday. Among them◇○, the historical and cultural sightseeing scenic spot receiving 772◇▲,000 people, an increase of 31★■▲=.2% year-on-year; the museum scenic spot receiving 75,000 people★•▼◆, an increase of 14.1% year-on-year◆■–; the Olympic Heritage scenic spot received 13,000 people, a year-on-year increase of 47.7%; Modern Entertainment Scenic Area reception 50•▽▪△.2 10▼□▽▽,000 people, a year-on-year decrease in 0.9%=…; natural landscape scenic spots receive 321◇■△▽,000 peopl.

Zhongxin Net Yinchuan May 28 (Reporter Yang Di) reporter learned from Yinchuan Helan Mountain Hall Painting Management Office on the 28th that after nearly 3 months of census, Yinchuan Helan Rock Painting Management Office newly discovered 32 groups of 101 rock paintings Newly discovered rock paintings dominated by people, symbols☆△▽▼, animals. Zhang Jianguo●▼-, deputy director of the Yinchuan Helan Mountain Hall Painting Management Office, participated in the census, introduced that this census adopts digitally reserved ways▼•△=, the census personnel electronic scanned newly discovered rock paintings and established three-dimensional models=…, more comprehensive and intuitively recorded rock paintings and Information of the surrounding environment◇●▼▷. Ningxia rock painting almost all the contents of the world rock painting, including people, animals▽▷, symbols▽★, hunti.

Zhongxin Net Hangzhou May 28 (Reporter Qi Jin Yanhu also) In the superposition of uncertainty factors such as trade friction, epidemic shock, in order to stabilize and optimize the industrial chain, “chain long system” should be “changed” in Zhejiang, and In more than 20 provinces (city, autonomous regions)-•, it is promoted to help ■●•”six guarantees” “six steady▲○☆” in the epidemic▼-◆, but also play a positive role in empowering dual cycles. As an emerging system, “chain long system★□◆” is an emerging system, and its first in Zhejiang Province has also continuously explores the reform path☆◆▷. On May 28◇■▼▲, the “chain long system▲□◆▽” seminar was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Some experts believe that the implementation of “chain long system” needs to be “changing”, on the other hand, to clarify the “chain long system” administrati◇▲?