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[protein drinks industry stats]Chinas new network Changzhi May 27th (Li Tingyao Zhao Wei) under the eyes of pepper seedlings, and the field is planned◇◆○. On the 27th, a seedlings of a agricultural company in the Changzhi District of Shanxi Province, a strain pepper seedling greenery▷▽●○, 13 township (district) 187 villages, about 90,000 acres of pepper seeds will be completed. From the unsome pepper industry to drive local nearly 20,000 rural labor income to get rich◁▼△…. Located in the southeast of Shanxi, the west side of the upper party basin is the traditional agricultural county, and the “rice grain” is known. For a long time, corn planting is the industrial ownership industry•▲○. In the face of the imbalance of agricultural supply and demand structure, the factor configuration is unreasonable, the peasant income growth is weak,.

Original title: The Ecological Environment Department responds to environmentally friendly volunteers to be arrested-▪●…: more about volunteers should understand the encyclopediments of Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) Recently, there is a media report▷△◁★. Environmental volunteers Lei Ping will return to Guangdong Provincial Letter★○▽. After the citys quarry, after the garbage dump, the police of Xinyi City North Police Station took away. In response to this, Liu Youbin said in the press conference today, more understanding and inclusive for environmental social organization and environmental volunteers, more concerned and support▪◇, and environmentally friendly social organizations and volunteers should also Carry out activities. Liu Youbin said that ▷■□”ecological environmental volunteers are our important power▲▽□◇, social organizations and volunteers actively participate in ecological environment, report violations○●★◁, and maintain public legal environmental rights, and is an important supplement of government power. Original ri•■….

Original title: European media is anxious: Europe is still sleeping, see how people should deal with trade battle! Yesterday, the two media in Yingde issued a comment article•◁••, not to think of the trade war threat to the Trump government…▽●★, and Europe should learn from China. British “Guardian” July 8 Article▽•▷●: □•”Chinas scientific investment hot – Europe is still sleeping? “▲ British” Guardian “articles screenshots said industrial strategies and international competition□-△★, no more contrast than the heavenly and Chinas steel will be more comparable than in Europe. No wonder, is China instead of Europe, which proposes to form a unified front of Trump★•▽. Even Washington intimidation cant let European decision makers wake up from sleep▪◆=■. Today, the media have released news almost every week, saying that Beijing is better than Brussels in a certain field. Appear in recent da bulk collagen associate scientist i late stage protein development industry tps gelatin manufacturers in china alr industries protein!Pure collagen!