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[china gelatine protein]Original title: Representative members of new words, do you understand◆□□★? Source◇◇△: Dazhou News WeChat public number ▽▪”party building +”, “green collar”, “shop small two” spirit, “Internet Shock”. This year, the National Peoples Congress representative, the Committee of the CPPCC, in the proposal, frequent new words, and even many young netizens said they heard the first time. Do you know what these words mean◇▪□△? ◁●▼”Party Building +” In recent years, all walks of life have embarked on the road of “Internet +-○” mode. What is “Internet +”…==▲? The interpretation given by the public information is that the new state of the Internet development of the innovation 2.0 is the Internet-form evolution of the knowledge social innovation and the new form of economic and social development. It is a combination of the Internet to the traditional industry…○□★. About ▲◇◆■”Party Building +□◇”, National Netwo.

China News Agency, Beijing▷…▽, May 27th□▪, I▷▲: Marked that the local legislation work involved in the Hong Kong election system is fully completed. This is conducive to implementing the principle of “Patriot Governance”□-•, which promotes the topics of Hong Kong society to better focus on economic peoples livelihood▲◁=, grasp the development of opportunities, and will be treated by chaos. For a long time, there have been many development opportunities in the Oriental Beads of the motherland. However, due to political disputes◁◁, Hong Kong failed to fully grasp relevant opportunities in Hong Kong in recent years. Especially in the anti-chaos of the Hong Kong Molecular Utilization System Vulnerabili!

Original title: Nearly half of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee★□▷, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, there is another personnel adjustment. Recently▼=◆◆, Guizhou Provinces only key news portal “Colorful Guizhou Net◇☆●” shows that Wang Xiaoguang resume withdrawn from the list of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, showing that it is no longer serving as the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee. According to public information-●☆, Wang Xiaoguang was born in October 1961, Shandong Juye, in-service graduate degree…▼□, masters degree△◆. Previously work has been in Guizhou Province. He studied at the Guiyang Normal College Sports Department in Guiyang Normal University. After graduation★▷•◁, he wanted for a long time in Guizhou■-○=. He has served as Secretary of the Wuzhuang District Committee of Guiyang City. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, Secretary of the Liuyi Shui Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee. In April 2014, Wang Xiaoguang became expensiv.

Original title: 86-year-old Party Party Committee deputy secretary, former vice president-▲□□, Xu Tingguan, the first secretary of the Chinese Communist Party▼◇▼○, the former vice president▲□, the former vice president, the original president of Nanjing University Alumni Association, March 5, 2018 At 17:10, Nanjing was unfortunately died of illness▼……, and the year was 86 years old-□■. Comrade Xu Tingguan was born in Jiangsu, 1932, from September 1953 to August 1958▷●, he studied in the Geography Department of Nanjing University. In March 1955…○●, he joined the Communist Party of China. After graduating, he was working in the school, and he served as a department in the Department. Director▽-, Department of Deputy Secretary of the Party●•, Department of Deputy Director=◁, etc.■•▽=, in 1983, served as Vice President of Nanjing University, and later served as deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University. Retired in September 1996. Xu Tingguan comrades have worked hard in teachin edible gelatin 20 mesh peptide collagen gelatin bloom 240 empty gelatin capsule shell!Gelatin capsule.