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[o keep promoting protein inovations and meeting with industry colleague]The reporter learned from the Jian County Emergency Administration of Jining City•★, Shandong Province◆◇☆□. Since the emergence of the Xinan Coal Mine of Juju Mine▲◁★, the accident shall have a professional rescue force▷○●•, and do a good job in the search and rescue work of the trapped miners. As of 17★◆:32 on May 28…▪•○, three trapped miners have continued to rise, and the life signs of the liters are stable and the mental state is good▽☆▼. At present, under the guidance of emergency rescue experts-▷▲■, rescuers are fully rescue for the remaining three trapped miners. (General Taiwan reporter Li Bingzen) [Editor: Su Yiy▼☆★▽.

Original title: Changshengs biological reply inquiries deliberate fuzzy word lawyers say the companys retreat may have more facts and details of the vaccination of the elderly creature (002680…•☆.sz) vaccine. On July 22•▽●●, according to the latest statement of the State Food and Drug Administration□○▲, it has been identified that the long-lived organism violates the relevant provisions of the ▼•□●”Pharmaceutical Management Law of the Peoples Republic of China”, the State Food and Drug Administration has ordered the company to stop production. □◁=…, Recall the drug GMP certificate, recall the rabies vaccine that has not been used. The State Food and Drug Administration will investigate the investigation of enterprises with the Jilin Provincial Bureau, and the transfer of public security organs suspected of crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. On the other hand, as the CSRC pays attention to the vaccine incident, it will not be just a dead limit◆▼, and it is not excluded…●▲. July .

Original title□…: Headline US Media: China hopes to lay down the US fighters in the war▲=△…, the method is this – the US “National Interest☆▼◁” Biyue Patent website issued questions “China hopes to lay a US fighter in the war, this is The report said that China is developing a new generation of air defense missile systems, but there are few details◁•■. ▲ The screenshot of the US “National Interest” Biyue Patenet report seems to be obvious……, the design purpose of this new weapon is to deal with the various threats from the plane and cruise missiles to the ballistic missile. In fact•▼, Chinese engineers developing this new weapon system seems to show that this new system will be designed to provide remote ball missile defense in a variety of environments. According to the report●★, Chinese researchers pass the design control system (▽◇”brain◆△” in all missiles)□▷■, .

Original title●▷…: [Round Dream “Bar Tie◁▼” Sacrifice 2] △•□■”We must protect Chinas Ama and Brothers” Hunan Daily · Huasheng Online Lahore March 31 (Reporter Xu Yaping correspondent Jiang Weiwei•=■, “We must protect China Ama and Brothers “” Ama, Ama Ma★-◆! “Islamabad Time On March 30, Pakistan La Her City police Majid saw China Aid Baizi Tianmao, the Bayui◇◆★☆, and excitedly○-. call. Didnt wait for the Tiantu Cui to react, the police SHAFIQ next to him also shouted▪•: “Ama, Ama, let me hug you protein industries canada board gelatin definition!□◇” The two of them were deeply embraced to Tianmao, and then played Selfie. Tian Mao Cui came from Jiangsu Lianyunport, which is the “China Aid Brere” and the Hunan Daily Department and other organization!

Original title: Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee withdrawal of Baidu □▽•▼”involved in consumers privacy”: APP renewal to Baidu company suspected of violating consumers personal information, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee filed a consumption civil public welfare lawsuit at the end of last year (2017) After the case, after the “Baidus rectification of the above problems-▷▼▽”, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission decided to withdraw the prosecution. On March 14th, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee that the dismoxigation application was ruling from the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court on March 12 to the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee withdrawal. □▽”This case is the first national information security consumption civil public welfare lawsuit☆◁○.” Zhang Hao, director of Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee Complaint•◇, said that although it has been withdraw.Gelatin wholesale protein sources for the animal feed industry halal collagen,