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[gelatin capsulas]Zhongxin Net, May 26 (Guo Qi Chen Hui) reporter learned from Linan District, Zhejiang Province◁★◁▷, in the 26th…▪▽●, in the area of ​​the aquatic vasprin and Zhou Ji, and the survey of the survey of a pool-△. Discover the “Plant World Giant Panda” China Waterfall, a total of more than 400 square meters◁□, about 5◇□…,000 plants. It is understood that the Chinese water is a unique endangered aquatic ferns in China, and the biogamous plants are highly born, which is high for water quality and environment=○. It is not only the activated stone that appears in hundreds of millions of years, but also the first-class key protection wild plant in China, which is highly academic research value. The investigation team leads the team expert◆●△☆, the national forest grass, the local expert, Zhejia.

Original title■=▪□: Ministry of Defense spokesperson Ren Guoqiang entered Chinas South Island Reef neighboring sea area to publish a conversation Data: US Navy •◁☆”Masstin◆○◆” destroyer March 23◆•-, the US Navy “Masstine” missile destroyer unauthorized into China South China Sea near island reef neighboring sea area. China Navy 570 ship▼○★=, 514 ship trun, according to law●▷◁•, identify the US ship according to law, and warns•▽▷◁. China has unable arbitrary sovereignty in the islands of South China Sea and its nearby waters. The US has repeatedly sent warships to enter Chinas South Island Reef neighboring sea area, and its behavior seriously damages Chinas sovereignty and security, violating international relations basic guidelines, and endangering regional peace and stability. The US practice destroys the atmosphere of the two military relations between China and the United States, causing the navigation of sea space forces near=◆=, which is very easy to cause misconduct or even sea empty meanin.

Original title: Leaked user information express consumption of the highest penalty of 100▲•,000 Xinjing News (Reporter Yang Chong) On March 27▼★★, my countrys first administrative regulations ◆◇◆■”Express Regulations◇□••” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) It is issued and will be implemented on May 1, 2018. “Regulations” is clearly defined for the users electronic data information protection, how to claim after the loss of express mail. The =○”Regulations” fills the legal vacancies since the revision of the Postal Law in 2009. The State Post Bureau said that the “Regulations●▼●=” is based on the development of my countrys express delivery industry◇•. According to the data showing that the express delivery industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years•▲○-. In 2017◆★, the national express delivery traffic has completed 4006 billion, and it is 33.4 times in 2007, with an average annual growth of 42%; 20☆△▷!

Feng Xiaogang will pay the gambling to the Huayi brothers for 230▼◆….5 billion yuan performance compensation once “is endless” is now “a sigh”, paying attention to the money, Feng Xiaogang is connected to the hot search▪▽■▼. On May 17•▽…▲, Huayi Brothers who have just announced the annual report received the inquiry letter from the Shenzhen. Inquiries, in 2015, Huayi Brothers acquired Feng Xiaogang, Lu Guoqiangs Zhejiang Dongyang Meilai Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongyang Meilai”). According to the agreement at the time, Dongyang Meira 2020 promised performance was not less than 174=•.90.06 million, but the actual net profit was 55.238 million yuan, and the performance commitment will be compensated according to the agreement△▼. And Huayi broth. high quality collagen collagen cream for body Contacts korea collagen ankur protein industries ltd,