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[collagen drink skin whitening]Original title: Guangzhou issued a ▷•○”hero post” teacher to the national famous teacher and the student to cheer (information picture)=•△. Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Li Xuyang Photographed Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Liu Xiaoxing correspondent Sui teacher)•▲…, Guangzhou once again issued “heroic post△▽▲” to the national name, famous teacher, introducing high-end talents in basic education in the country, and sincere Provide up to 1.5 million yuan of security fees=◇▲■, as well as the longest ten years of rental subsidies (or talent apartment). The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau yesterday that less than a week■◇■, the education department received more than 100 copies. The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Education Bureau said that since 2017, Guangzhou has introduced 53 senior presidents and teachers in the field of basic education★•△▼. In addition, registered the principal of the famous president●●-, name is in the talent librar◇○◇!

Original title: Remediation of school training chaos, all parties need to cooperate with “combined punch” Source: Great Wall Network In this year■▼▼, the first “minister channel=…” of the two sessions of the country, Chen Baosheng, Minister Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, clearly◁☆•□, to strengthen governance through legislation “Barbarous growth” extracurricular training institution. On the 13th★□▪, Zhang Yimei▷★▽▲, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and Zhang Yimei, the party secretary of the Ningbo Town, Zhejiang Province, pointed out that rectification of school training chaos needed to cooperate with the “combination of boxing”, and let the school become children to learn cultural knowledge by providing quality teaching services. The main front○●☆▽. In order to be burned to primary and secondary school students, the state must be a chaos of foreign training institutions. As a result, the relevant several areas, including students, parents and educators. Previously, the school training was extremely hot…-◇, leading to the “decline in lessons, lesso.

China Xinwang Yinchuan May 27 (Reporter Yang Di) reporter learned from the Ningxia Civil Affairs Department on the 27th that in order to help the elderly to improve the conditions of living▪◆…, improve the quality of home pension▽○•△, the Ningxia Civil Affairs Department and other seven departments, clearly△◇-, clear ◆◆•○” During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Ningxia will adopt a government subsidy and other ways to incorporate the age▷■, disability▲•, and disabled elderly families in the scope of dismissal▼▪. The renovation of home adventures refers to the more secure△●, functional△★, comfortable, and more in line with the elderly◆▪. The reporter learned that this difficult elderly…□=▽, the old-age development project has recommended 13 basic classes and 17 optional transformatio.

The original title I am presenting the latest progress of the Sagar shipping event●-•: Try cutting the hull to rescue local time March 21▲▷◆, 2018▲△△, the waters near Malaysia, the dug boat. Oriental IC Figure 22 Niki Search and Rescue Center is fine, conducive to rescue, all ambulance arrangement. The Ministry of Masheng has indicated that the Magrace Hospital has been prepared for treatment, Malacca and Johor Bahru Hospital have sent a specialist to carry professional equipment to Mado Hospital assistance★▪•◇. The Mache Search and Rescue Center Command held a press conference twice, and the director of the Ma Maritime Bureau presided over and introduced the changing conditions and the search and rescue work. Liu Dongyuan☆•, the Chinese Embassy, ​​expressed his gratitude to the Mafang to help the Master, and would like to work closely with the horse to rescue as soon as possible▪◁-. China Guangdong Search and Rescue Center sent Malays. collagen drink water gelatin capsule shellPectin manufacturer printed gelatine empty capsules industrial chromatography of proteins!