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[hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides side effects]Source: Guan Zhou Zhou Yuan Title○●○: Become a Political Consultative Committee▽▲◁, “Zhou Yu edit=☆” This means that the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference will also face “big blood test□□●” in addition to the new chairman and vice chairmanship to elect a new chairman and vice chairman▼▷. A total of 2158 members of the 13th National CPPCC have reduced 79 people from the 12th CPPCC member announced by 5 years ago. Among them, the CPC members accounted for 39…•.8%●◇, and the non-CPC members accounted for 60▼○■.2%, and the proportion of the Committee was reduced. The Learning Jun (WeChat ID○…●◆: BQzhengzhiju) combed the list of members of the new CPPCC, and the number of new nominated members of this session exceeded half★=. In the C◁◆●.

Original title: Hui Comrade Due to the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing July 6th, the tension of the military team, the main party of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the director of the director of the Military Commission, the director of the Office of the Military Commission△●-▪, is invalid because the medical treatment is invalid, on June 20th in Beijing Due to the age of 98. Hu Wei, formerly known as Hu Shoude▪□★, Henan Xin Cai, in 1937, he participated in the Youth Peoples Anti-Japil Military Group, joined the Chinese Communist Party in February 1938. During the War of Resistance Japanese War, he has served as a warrior, officer, political instructor, organizational shareholder, political instructor-•, director of the Political Department, a group political committee, and the county queue, the commander and political committee, etc▼○.▪…, have participated in the peace, anti- “sweeping”, etc. Battle fight. During the War of Liberation, he has served as a group political committee, director of the Department of Political☆▽▷●, and the teacher, etc., have participated in the Chaoyang Set▽-, North North○◇○▪, Baita◆□◇, Meng Liangzhe●▽☆△!

Original title: Bayanni, the original secretary He Yonglin accepts bribery cases▽–◁: illegal acceptance of the amount of property is particularly huge, and March 21, 2018, the Tongliao Municipal Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution=▲-□, the original secretary He Yonglin (the main hall level) is suspected of accepting bribes, neglect the duties The case of huge amount of property is not guilty of guilty of the trial of the Tongliao Intermediate Peoples Court. Tongliao Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Indictment Recipe: The defendant He Yonglin as a national staff, using the convenience of the position▼•, for others, or uses the functions of their own powers, the position of the status through other national staff, for others Unfair, illegal acceptance of others, the amount is very huge; in the process of preparations for the team…◇, in the process of the rural credit cooperatives in the rural credit cooperation association of the Linhe District, Bayannsu Ci. wild-caught hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides protein pharmaceutical industry in ten years

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