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About Us![milk protein concentrate industry]Original title■▽□: Yili Group entrusted Tianshi Titan to handle network media rumors @ Peoples Daily Overseas Edition – Overseas Network April 15 news▼-, targeting Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co-•., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ◆=”Yili Group-☆△…” in late March Rumor case, Yili Group Executive President Zhang Jianqiu Media Response○●▲, Beijing Tianchi Juntai Law Firm has officially accepts the entrustment of Yili Group, all right to deal with this incident and related series of media statements related to this incident and response Legal affairs, and will be based on the entrustment, and the I-Li Group will investigate the peoples incidents, behind-the-scenes peoples civil and criminal responsibility▲△◁=, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the Yili Group through legal procedures and means. Editor in charge: Huo ▷☆△ glue gelatin powder gelatin to sheet conversion!

Original title: 寅 卯 卯, the US economy contains a risk (economic perspective) “Peoples Daily” (24, 2018, 22 Edition, 22nd Edition), the CEO of the US Old Internet Loan Institution Credit Club, CEO, Samber◁…☆•, recently held in San Francisco At the summit△★•, 45% of Americans were consumed, which is like walking wires. From the perspective of savings, the basic emergency funds that are close to half of the Americans are not available. By 2050, Americans have a total of approximately 137 trillion US dollars in retirement savings, which expands $ 300 million a year★☆. The consumption of borrowing is the universal phenomenon of Americans. Many people rely on college★○, learning loans; buying a car is car loan☆■◁•; buying a house is a mortgage; in addition to this “three big loans○◆”, there is another inseparab★-○.

Original title: Yao Jinbo: Internet to the service industry wings [Introduction] [Journal] Yao Jinbo, who was first elected to the National Peoples Congress▲□-, and proposed four suggestions around peoples livelihood and social development, involving strengthening “three rural” information construction, standardization The rental market is promoted to the employment of the disabled▼•▲◆. Strengthening the •◇◆=”three rural” information construction service rural revitalization strategy [Same period] National Peoples Congress representative Yao Jinbo: Today, the era of mobile Internet big data▲▽▷•, in fact, the Internet can better integrate with rural areas and can pass various technical means Let the farmers can stand in the same starting line with the city (resident), better achieve benefiting farmers, better helping the development of rural areas, this is my first proposal. In fact, the Internet and the rural are gelatine supplement porcine collagen powder!

Xinhua News Agency Qingdao June 10, China State Council△◁-▽, Diplomatic Minister Wang Yi, was interviewed in Qingdao on Qingdao on the 10th, introducing Shanghai Cooperatives to Qingdao Summit Results. The full text is as follows▪■-▷: 1. Ask: Chinas hosted Shanghai Cooperative Summit●■□◁, at the same time, this is also the first summit of Shanghai cooperative organizations, and the international community is highly concerned. How do you view the characteristics and meaning of this summit? A: Compared with the previous conference, the Qingdao Summit can be described as the largest, the highest level, the highest results◆☆, created a series of records. This time, the first time held after the first time. Shanghe Organization has 8 Member States, 4 observers, 6 dialogue partners, the economy and population account for 20% and more than 40%○=•=, respectively▲◆★□, and become the most widely used worldwi▷◆▼.