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[hydrolyzed bovine collagen vs collagen peptides]At the 13th National Peoples Congress◁★▲, I held a press conference at the Peoples Gaocational Press Release Office on March 4th, and the General Assembly spokesperson answered questions about China and foreign journalists on issues related to the Agenda and Peoples Congress☆△▼. What is the legislative project of the legislative plan for Legal Daily and Legal Network? When is the five-year legislation plan? Now my country has continuously increased the opening! The outside world is very concerned about the development of foreign fundamental laws. Is there any specific arrangement? Thank you. Zhang Yucais legislation is an important task of the National Peoples Congress and its Standing Committee. It is currently preliminary. In 2018, it will formulate or modify more than 20 laws▲★, including the dividends of the Civil Code, and the individual tax law. At the same time▪▽, we will do a good job in authorization decisions and reform decisions, and strengthen the record review syste.

China Foreign Ministry (26th) held a routine reporter meeting△…▲▪. At the meeting●○○, there were reporters asked-▲◆, on the 25th…◇◆▪, Yuan Keqin, a professor of the former Hokkaido Education University, was arrested by the Chinese government because of the suspected spy crime, Yuan Keqin, Yuan Chengyu, and his supporters held a press conference……▷. Yuan Chengyao, etc•▪=., I hope that Yuan Keqin can be cleaveed and released soon, and I hope that the two countries can restore security in peace▪▼…. What is Chinas comment? Zhao Lijian, spokesman Zhao Lie, said that Yuan Keqin is Chinese citizen-▲, but for a long time△△, in accordance with the requirements of the espionage of the Japanese emotional organ, Yuan Keqin is required to engage in Chinas spy intelligence activities for the Japanese. Yuan Keqin has been approved by the Chinese National Security Department by the Chinese National Security Department because of the suspected spy crim gelatin for baking are bovine collagen peptides vegan★●☆• Pure collagen nitta gelatin na, collagen drink sachet!

Original title: (Social) Heilongjiang Daxinganling Transit Forest Fire Railway 10 km more than 3▪▼▲,600 people participated in the rescue Xinhua News Agency Harbin June 4 (Reporter Wang Kai) reporter learned from Heilongjiang Daxinganling Call in the forest fire prevention front line headquarters, as of June 4 At 15 oclock, the transit forest fire ribs in the National Nature Reserve of the National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia have reached approximately 10 kilometers○•, and the fire is 2▲….87 kilometers-●, and the fire has not yet been effectively controlled. Heilongjiang Province has mobilized more than 3★○▲=,600 armed police forest troops, professional firefighting, and large mechanical equipment such as bulldozers, hooks, loaders, etc-▪•◆. participated in the rescue. It is understood that the forest fire quickly developed and spreads to Heilongjiang in the afternoon of the third day. The first time in Daxinganling area-■▼, Heilongjiang Province launched a rescue plan, settle.