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[application of crude protein analysis in food industry]Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Reporter Feng Zhijun Li Yalong) Near 20 years ago, a small scenery power station was built in Xinjiang and Gansu•◁, which was completed, thereby opening the road of Dunhuangs new energy. Today, all new energy industries are in Dunhuang, ☆■◁=”all over the ground◁•”, and continue to integrate into economic and social development, and the local integrated use of wind-scale reservoirs will promote comprehensive utilization of new energy resources. The picture shows the new energy power generation industry in Dunhuang in Gansu. (Data Map) Wu Jianxin took the •★▪▪”Dunhuang Grottoes” “Dunhuang Mural” “Dunhuang, long-term◇▲” pilgrimage ◆-▲”tag of○▼•” pilgrimage =□”in ancient Silk Road. In fact, there is still a ●•□”nationa-△.

The reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission○=■, on March 8th, on the opening day of the Heilongjiang delegation of the country, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee△○▽▲, made the provincial travel agency▲▷, “Can you promise to the society, promise not fraud•★◇?” Today, the Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Association travel agency branch representative of 787 travel agencies will solemnly state: will jointly cherish the brand image of “Changqing Longjiang…◇”, firmly establish the core values ​​of “tourists, service sincerity”•▷, and earnestly fulfill the Spring Festival The top level tourism department held a promise of the travel agency and the tour guide education training warning, consciously did “eight no□◇◇”: one▽•▪▪, no propaganda sales “unseason, low-priced” products, not organized “unseason, low-priced tour “Tour Group; Second•◁☆□, do not release false tourism information and advertising, do not force consumption, bullying to slaughte.

Guangming Daily (May 07-•▪, 2018) Original title: Contemporary Enlightenment of Truth Standards Discussion☆-: Guangming Daily Philosophical Reform As the spiritual guide of the era change▷=△, its historical role and significance are not only present in the beginning of the change, More throughout the process of change, thereby increasingly demonstrating in history inevitable logic★…-. 40 years ago▪▪, the truth standard problem discussed the “two all the△□○●” ideological imprisonment▼□◁☆, emancipating the idea, and turning anyway◇■, restored the authority of Marxist practical view “truth from facts”, opened the great journey of the reform and opening up and the socialist roads with Chinese characteristics. Today▽◆, socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era, the Chinese nation has never been close to the world stage center, and it has never had the ability to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese natio.

Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan April 6 (Reporter Hu Jingguo○□, Wang Wei) Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission recently released news, Shanxi Provinces innovation work system☆★▲★, promoted the “normalization of the partys leadership leadership leadership, the province and city The party committee anti-corruption leading group, the team leader is served by the Party Committee Secretary. It is reported that in order to implement the 19th National Spirit of the Party☆□, we will continue to deepen the reform of the supervision system. Recently★▽◁, the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee issued the “Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Growth of Reverse Corruption” (Trial) “, further Improve the work mechanisms, decision-making mechanisms and implementation initiatives of the party leaders against corruption○▷▲▽, and effectively strengthen the centralized unified leadership of anti-corruption work-▪. Implementation suggestions, the three-level establishment of the provincial and cities, the leadership team of the party committee◇▼, the team leader, was held by the Party Secretary, with a first deputy team leader▼●○, t.