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[geliton]China News Agency, May 28 (Reporter Xing Wei) reporter learned from the Chinese Football Association on the 28th that China National Sports General Administration issued guidance on the construction of key urban construction in football development★…●, proposed by 2035 Football will become a landmark business of Chinas completion of sports strong country☆□-●. It is reported that the introduction of this opinion is designed to create a demonstration city in Chinas football reform, with a point to form a demonstration effect=☆…△, and an out of the football development path that meets the law of football in the world, adapting to Chinas national conditions. According to the plan●△▪, the national football development key city construction will implement the “three steps” strategy in five years■◁=▷. According to this view○▼, to.

At the 13th meeting, a meeting of the 13th National CPPCC was opened at 3 pm on March 3 at 3 PM. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference listened and considered the Work Report of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC and the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee on the Work of the 12th CPPCC△▼. The following is a live record: (6) Give full play to the organizations role of the united front=…, do a good job in the intensive work work and practice the second Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, the Central National Work Conference▷▽, the Central Committee Work Conference, the Sixth Tibet of the Central Committee Symposium△▼●, the spirit of the National Religious Work Conference-□. Promote unity and cooperation between all parties and non-party people, through joint research, joint consultation activities, etc▪◇○●., to create conditions for the democratic parties and no party people in the CPPCC▲★-. Invite the partys external intellectual.

Original title: Overseas Chinese Representative□★…: Established “China Taiji College”, let the National Medical Taiji benefit the World Political Consultative Conference of the 13th National CPPCC Overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas overseas Chinese, New Zealand China Martial Arts President Hong Weiguo Volkswagen map○…▷, in addition to representatives and members There is also a special group – listing overseas Chinese representatives at the 13th National Conference. Hong Weiguo, the President of New Zealand China Martial Arts, is one of them. He said to the public network reporters “dream◁▷=…”▽◆: set up the “China Taiji College▽-“, let the national surgery go to the world, benefit the world, make greater contributions to building a harmonious and beautiful human fate community▼▽. “This time I got home, I deeply felt the power of the motherland. Many overseas Chinese are like me,” I was very excited. “I saw Hong Weiguo, dressed in Confucior●…▷! collagen drink skin whitening collagen wholesale Pure collagen the meat industry solutions to plant high purity gelatin,