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Contacts.[nippi fish collagen peptide]The original title two sessions Hainan Environmental Protection Hall responded to “people full of people=□•…”: Hainan tourists are not much more sources▷■: Chinas voice is reported by Chinas voice news; mentioning Hainan, will think of Bihai blue sky, coconut forest white sand, but, In recent years, there is a congestion of tourists in the past few years, and there is a negative news of illegal refill, which makes people discounted the impression of Hainan☆□▽. At the end of last year, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team feedback on the environmental inspections of each province☆▽…=, which has been severely criticized for Hainan Province▽▼△. The leader of the Environmental Protection Insugation Group is not politely▽▪◇▲, Hainan Province is ▽◇•”drumping the money bag, ruined the ecology”•☆▽. More than two months★△■, yesterday (3rd), the National Peoples Congress representative, the Hainan Ecological Environmental Protection Department Dumang Dun Xiao Gang made an exclusive response to China, how is Hainan environment rectification situation? How will it ▪□▽-.

Original title: Chinese people from Tokyo Street stamped Japan security, Japanese netizens responded to fierce first to see paragraph video. It is estimated that some people have seen it▷-, then they may wish to appreciate it. Is it very hot? This is not a new version of the old and dyed, a few Chinese▽•◁, playing Japan security security in Tokyo○□. The site of racing to others play Japanese, but their behavior has been rarely criticized by domestic netizens, and they feel that they are shameful•☆★. This all-in-law is even more fried in Japanese public opinion○◆□. Foreigners have happening in Japanese crime news, but generally only such a large news such as murder will be received by the mainstream media in Japan. Such an almost all of the Japanese mainstream media, which is suspected of intentional injury★=•, is a report, which is quite rar▽□□.

Original title: Beijing-foreign purchase of household accumulation funds do not have to prove the Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) to apply for the purchase of household funds in the province and city–, and apply for the adoption by the adoption of the parents to enter the household◇▽△▼, enter the cities in the city of China Wait, all will bid farewell to proof…▲○. A few days ago, Beijings third batch canceled 50 municipal sectors●◆◁☆, and the issuance of the business units requested to start business involving enterprises and mass offices, the reporter learned that since 2016, Beijing has canceled the enterprises set by the municipal sector Entrepreneurship certificate. The 26 grassroots proves that the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Government Approval System Reform Office has been verified that 50 certificates have been adjusted to verify, network-speech, internal information sharing, etc., from “masses” Rou?