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[collagen peptides tiene bovino]Original title: 2018 National Second Session, Zhaoshan West Provincial Committee, Deputy Secretary Huang Xiaowei talks about monitoring system reform pilot work: If you are inserted-●■, you will not sell the new Beijing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) On March 13, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was monitored●=▲■. The draft law, the State Councils institutional reform plan for group discussions☆◆▽◇. When talking about the draft monitoring law, Huang Xiaowei, deputy secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, introduced the specific practices of …◁”indwelling” in the process of monitoring system reform. Huang Xiaowei said that it is generally arranged by an indiscriminate personnel, and it is not allowed to have a standardized indwelling room, medical and diet. In September 2014▲▪◆★, Huang Xiaowei●▽▲, from the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the deputy director of the Ministry of Commission, asked Shanxi Provincial Discipline Inspection and secretary. In 2016, Huang Xiaowei was served as deputy secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee◁○=◁. Huang Xiaowei combin.

Hu Chunhua, Hu Chunhua, male, Han nationality□▼◆, born in April 1963, Hubei Wufeng, in August 1983, Joined the Communist Party of China in April 1983, Beijing University graduated, University degree•■. He is currently a member of the 19th Central Committee of the 19th Central Committee★•▲, deputy prime ministers of the State Council, member of the party group◆▽☆◇. From 1979 to 1983, he learned from 1983 to 1984▽▲▽•, the Tibet, Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet■◁, Tibet, Tibet…▲•, Tibet Youth newspaper, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Personnel Department▪▷■, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Personnel Manager Deputy Secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Party of China (1990▼☆=.02) 1992-19.

Original title…△●•: Zhang Jun△□◆○: Prison is not the zoo to be admitted△▪▽, can accommodate▪◆, running on Overseas Network on March 3, 3, 2018, the first “minister channel•★▲” in the country in 2018 in the 13th session of the National Committee of China The opening ceremony will be officially opened=…. In answering questions about the “Spring Festival during the Spring Festival▽●◁▼, the Ministry of Justice Zhang Jun said that the transformation of criminals, we have to do” get it under the gains, manage, and cant run. ” Prison is not a zoo, and the raptor beast has been concerned in the zoo. Whether the prison can be safe, responsible for the security of the overall national security•★, must be responsible for the transformation of criminals to become a law-abiding citizen. This must be done safe, and then do the safety. Zhang Jun said, “Let the transformation of criminals sociali.

Original title: High temperature days, no air-conditioned employees hot summer heat: Beijing Evening News This summer is very difficult for office workers in the Tongzhou District Green Space Center. Since June 1 this year, the air conditioners of the entire office building cannot be running normally, thousands of employees have worked for more than two months in a stuffy environment. According to the office workers here, the temperature of each office in the office building is above 30 degrees Celsius△•◆, and many employees have appeared◁▲▪. The property management department told reporters that they are currently being repaired and strive to solve it within this week. Ms. Yuan was on the 15th floor of the Greenland Center△■. When the reporter arrived, the employees of her company have begun to get off work. “Its too hot-▼-○, leadership let everyone rest▪▼★.” Enter the 15th floor of the corridor, distri▲=.Contacts.