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Gelatin capsule powder gelatin to sheet conversion porcine skin gelatin,[industrial application of single cell protein]Original title: Central Banks new regulations: lost ID card, no longer have to worry about how many million deposits have lost their ID card, fraud, laundering, stealing taxes … Suddenly found a bank account There is a few millions of telecommunications network fraud to turn▲…, it has been turned away □▪•.▲…◁○.. Lost ID card is taken to buy a car, oh, there are more than 1 million loans and more than 100 tickets ..●▷○◇. Its hard I want to go to the bank to open a house, I found that the ID card number has been occupied, this even the wage account cant open .▽=●▽.. What can I do? From now on, the ID card is lost, or it will not have to worry that it has been used to use a credit card, or a few bank accounts suddenly have a few bank accounts. Because the China Central Bank announced on the 21st, it will carry out invalid resident ID card information and non-residenc.

Original title: Development and reform committee report◆■○△: Chinas mobile phone traffic fee•△◇■, China Low level on March 30-=, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 2017 China Resident Consumption Development Report (hereinafter referred to as reported)=◁•■, this is the first time by the National Development and Reform Commission, 11 Particles Annual report reflecting the consumption of residents in my country. Among them•…, the report pointed out that my countrys fixed broadband and mobile data tariffs have declined rapidly for 6 consecutive years☆•. In 2017△▽◇▼, the fixed broadband monthly fee fell by 18.2% year-on-year, and the mobile data tariff fell by 51.8% year-on-year■▽. From the international comparison, according to the International Telecom Alliance 2016, my countrys fixed broadband monthly fee ranked 89th in 182 countries; mobile data traffic tariffs ranked 53rd in 178 countries in the world (from low to high.

Original title: Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee: The Yabuli Management Committee has political and enterprises◆•▪◁, not according to law administration issues March 29, 2018, the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, Fan Jinbao, deputy head of Madan◆•△, Wang Jiaz Li Kun, the party secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Site◇•, fed back to the “Motor-…” inspection situation. Li Kun hosted the meeting and made a statement▪▷▽. Question: The key state-owned forest area reform tasks determined by the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee have been implemented□△◆☆, the reform thoughts are not unified, and the reform spirit is not in place, and the difficult thinking is serious. There is no substantial advancement of reform, there is no resolution of the main contradictions; major economic decisions have risks and losses, and individual subordinate units have violations of law and business issues, relevant management and supervision responsibility have not been implemented. “Three major” decision system is not implemented, industry project decisi.

China News Agency, Hong Kong, on May 28th, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council, 27 high-inscriptions, through “In 2021 Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill, Hong Kong all walks of life welcome▽◆. They believe that this is another major achievement in Hong Kong in accordance with the rule of law△○★▪, and will open a new chapter in the good governance of Hong Kong●□▷□, and the Hong Kong government development towards new steps★◆…▲. The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce said that the Bills adoption=◇△, providing a solid legal basis for ▼▷▲▷”Patriots Governance Port”…▼, providing a solid legal guarantee for “one country, two systems”. The willingness to meet the people of Hong Kong is conducive to the well-being of Hong Kong people to ensure that Hong Kongs long-term prosperity is very strong. Hong Kongs development will enter o•…●.