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[gelita locations]Original title★●: Wu Xuezhang, after the gang was sentenced▪■▲◁, in the journey of this sentence•◇■, your voice sweeping the blacks, “umbrella”. ▲ In the Human case, I have triggered an uproar in March last year. The Wu Xue, who took it out, the gang of the gang-◆★▽, was pronounced in recent days●-. The figure is copied. Wen Editorial On May 11▼◇, after the first instance of Wu Xuezhan■◇, the gang behind the staff case, the media was sentenced to the prison in prison by transcribing the ■◁▼”dialogue□=”. For the prison for Wu Xue, Yu Huan said: “I hope to continue the partners of Wu Xuezhan, there is also the behind-the-scenes of Wu Xuezhong, which is excavated. Mainly these protective umbrellas•◆●•, if there is no umbrella▼■◇, they will not be so mad, It will not cause such a large harm, not a business•△▲, a lot of business. “Yu Huan hoped to dig out !

[The case of the case of the criminal suspect, the criminal suspect, the criminal suspect, was approved by the Chaoyang District Peoples Procuratorate. According to the news released by the Peoples Procuratorate of Chaoyang District, July 20, 2018☆▼▽▼, Beijing Chaoyang District Peoples Procuratorate The review shall be arrested by the criminal suspect Wu…-=•. The procuratorial organ was investigated by law. At 6○●•:14 on June 14, 2018-▪□◇, the suspect Wu (female, born in July 1996▼◆, Jilin Province, a live platform anchor) driving small passenger cars to Beijing When the Nanziwan South, Chaoyang District, the vehicle first hit the pedestrian Song on the road, and then knocked down the center guardrail and turned back to the road. Finally, the road will hit the road to the tricycle of Jiamou driving to normal driving. The accident caused Song to die on the spot□▽, Jiam-◁-●.

Source◁▲: Learning Times Original Title: The Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, Lin Hao, in the “Learning Times-△□★” first version△△, Im talking about the poverty campaign core reading and detaching the poverty, grasp the precision. It is necessary to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party in Xi Jinpings new era. Said and so on, put it together to win the countrys revitalization of the strategy, and you will focus on deep poverty-stricken areas. It highlights the village to make a family precision help□▲◆, the disease, precision drip◇-, targeted treatment, truly help the poverty alleviation Support to root to ensure that the depletion attack task is completed in 2020. The 19th National Congress of the Party pointed out that the poverty population and the poor are•◆◁▷.

Source▪=: Beijing Daily Original title: The city mobilization order, Cai Qi▷-★-, Chen Jining came to Yanqing denaturation of proteins in food industry industrial scale protein purification and preparation◆…– About Us collagen whitening drink, bovine hide collagen peptides candida! The city has fully promoted the Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Work Mobilization Deployment Conference, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee▪◆◁◁, Cai Qi, came to Yanqing to regulate the construction of winter Olympics◆△…, and promote the preparation work on site. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining Cai Qi, Chen Jining on the small sea of ​​1480 meters above sea level, in the field, see the progress of the high mountain ski▲○, snow sleigh and peripheral supporting integrated pipe gallery–▼. The mountains in the early spring have been god in life, and the future tracks are beginning to show the imagination of people s Winter Ousae event in the 2022•-▼. The construction of the venue focuses on the ecology●=◁▽, and the protecting plants are marked and the surface peeling is stored in future ecological repairs. Cai Qi is affirmed here••, he is a construction party, mountain la.

Original title: Tariff is lowered, when is the price drop•▷? According to the peoples Daily Overseas, July 3☆▪△▷, on July 1st, the import tariffs of cosmetics◆=▽△, processing foods are officially lowered, and the tax rate has averaged 55•★.9% depending on the tariff☆◇. When is the price? “I have heard that there is a large wave of daily consumer goods to reduce tax tax, very happy, but from now on the market price, it seems that there is no change△▽△.◆◆=•” Ms◇▪▪. Wang in Beijing often bought the import of skin care products and small electrical appliances, so the tariff Claims. According to the State Countries Tariff Tax Council▲▽…◆, since July 1, 2018, the maximum tax rate of some imported daily consumer goods is reduced, involving 1449 taxes▪•=•. The number of non-illuminating tax points is 7 times that of the top 4 slim, and the average tax rate is also reduced by 15.7% to 6.9%=•☆, avera△•◆•.