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[industrial protein production]Original title: Carrying Chinese tourist bus in Thailand, in the car accident culture and tourism department, supervising as soon as possible to find out the reason New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) Local time on March 23, a 16 Chinese tourists (including 1 Chinese leader The tourist bus encounters a car accident in Phuket, Thailand…★, 4 of whom injured. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attach great importance to the incident•▽●, requiring relevant aspects to do good work. After receiving the accident◁▲•△, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attached great importance to the Minister of Tree, Li Jin, the deputy director, solemnly asked the Chinese Tourism Office in Thailand to understand the situation, and fully assist me in Thailand to make a hurt tourist treatment and follow-up disposition▷-. Work▽▪◇. The reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism, as of now, the injured tourists have received proper treatment of Thailand local hospitals. Thailand police are coordinating insurance companie▷□!

Original title★▷□•: Environmental protection has achieved a positive progress in the background of environmental supervision★•▽◆. The environmental supervision is still seriously on April 19. The Ecological Environment Department held a routine conference, and the Director of Water Environment Management△•-, Zhang Bo▲-○○, answered questions■•□▪. CCTV: Recently, the media exposed a number of enterprises illegally violated waste waste, sewage, etc▪◇•. Zhang Bo: As an environmental management worker△▷▲▪, every time I see this situation, special angry, like everyone□▲◇◇. Here I want to thank the friends in our press, putting such an ugly phenomenon to the desktop, put it on the desktop to everyone to see it, it will promote him to rectify and solve the problem. Therefore◇▪◆▪, the information disclosure is environmental protect collagen drink beauty▲-○!

Original title: After the new year of Wang Ru Lin, after a month of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Wang Ru Lin went to Gansu▲☆…. According to the “CPPCC National Committee 2018 Consultative Program” and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference■△, April 11 to April 15th, Wang Ru Lin, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and the deputy director of the Cultural and Wenshu and the Learning Committee, led the team to the •◁▽”historical and cultural city name” in Gansu. Total investigation of town protection☆…◆◇. During Gansu▼△●, Linyi•◁=●, secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, governor Tang Renjian, visited the development group. From April 13th to 14th, Wang Ru Lin led the investigation and research group to visit Zhangye City☆•. The research team pointed out that it is necessary to scientifically plan, carefully organize, and effectively do a good job in repairing and development and utilization of historical sites. While doing full protection of the original appearance■★●▪, further excavation of the collection and enrichment of the ruins of the ruin gelatin used!

Original title◇○△: Hong Kongs last portions of Hong Kong, the “Hong Kong Unique” Hong Kong media▼△•, too shameless! Peng Dingkang Overseas Network July 6th Hong Kong last portions of Hong Kong, Gu Pingtang, has been “not lonely”, often refers to Hong Kongs transaction…•▼, and has repeatedly served in Hong Kongs return to the 21st anniversary. “Accounting for” molecules▽▷▷▲. According to the Hong Kong ▪□★”Wenhui Daily”, Peng Dingkang talks about Hong Kong, must not forget to sacrifice “China and British joint statement○▷●★” as “amulet”, this is no exception△■▽▼. He said that ◆•”the United Kingdom has the right to supervise●★•” China and British joint statement “in Hong Kongs implementation”, “said that” someone claimed that Hong Kong has nothing to do with the United Kingdom. ▷△•△”In addition, Peng Dingkang also took the opportunity to Liang Tianqi, Huang Zhifeng Waiting for someone to add, saying that his behavior is he “have seen the mo.

Original title: May 1 holiday train ticket■★, March 31…▲•-, Source●□: Legal Evening News – View News Legal Evening News – View On March 31, passengers can purchase the first day of the first day of 2018 May 31st . The holiday in May 29 to May 1, 2018. According to the national railway network and telephone booking pre-sale period△◆, from March 31, there are traveling programs can pass 12306 websites, 12306 mobile clients or call 95105105 booking calls, snapped up a small number The first day of long holiday◆▪◇. The station window◁▼, the sales point, and the automatic ticket sales will be sold 2 days, the pre-sale period is 28 days•■•▼, and the passengers can purchase tickets on the spot on April 2. In addition, purchase of the ticket on May industrial foregoing protein protein engineering applications in industrial biotechnology!Pure collagen!