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[gelita collagen]Original title: The National Peoples Congress represents Huang Shuhua Suggestion: Preschool Education Incoming Source: Views News Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Hongpeng) On the afternoon of March 4 It is still the short board for my country, and the top-level design must be fully enhanced from the national level△◁, and the pre-school education is included in the scope of compulsory education, and the level and quality of pre-school education are comprehensively improved. Huang Naihua believes that due to the weak development of the pre-school education development▼-□, the investment guarantee mechanism is not perfect, the childrens base☆▷•, the demand demand, the gate system is improved, and the pre-school education has many problems. For example, high-quality education resource degree is serious, especially public kindergartens☆○◁, quality private kindergartens, and pragmatic educati?

Original title: Wang Guoqiang no longer serves as a party secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the director Wang Guoqiang. Visual China Data On March 28th▽□◇▽, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a cadre conference to inform the Central Committee on Wang Guoqiang no longer serve as the Party Secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration•◆…•. Director Zeng Yixin is committed to the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, the responsible bureau of Ma Jianzhong■…◁, a member of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, and deputy director. Zeng Yixin, Wang Guoqiang attended the meeting and speaking, Ma Jianzhong hosted the meeting☆□•▷. Wang Guoqiang said, resolutely supported the entire observation from the central government, and happily retreat from the leadership position and fully agreed with the decision of the party group◆★▽. In the past 11 years▪◇•□, especially since the 18th National Congress, the party centronics in the heart of Xi Jinpi.

Original title: Last year, traffic fixed assets investment is over 3 trillion. The high-speed rail business mileage reached 25,000 kilometers. In 2017, the fixed asset investment in the railway road waterway is 311.5116 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6% over the previous year. Today…◆, the Ministry of Transport (March 30) issued the 2017 Transportation Industry Development Statistics Publication, showed the latest ▼○•▲”transcript” above. Statistics show that in 2017, the national railway completed fixed asset investment of 801 billion yuan, putting production of new lines 3038 kilometers…•▪•, of which high-speed railway is 2182 kilometers▪▪=•; road completion of construction investment of 2125▽△◁□.333 billion yuan, an increase of 18△▲★.2% over the previous year◆△☆. Among them, the construction of highway construction has been investing 92.5786 billion yuan, an increase of 12○△▪★.4%; the construction of ordinary country provincial roads completed investment 726◁=•●.

China New Agency, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Li Chun) The China National Defense Department held a routine press on the 27th, and the spokesperson Tan Kefei pointed out that you will lose me to win, the zero and game will only manufacture more divisions, opposition and Chaotic office○△◇. There is a reporter asked, according to reports, the US Biden government continued to promote the “Mattar Strategy○▲•”, frequently challenged the military to China, the strategic survey of the Chinese meaning. According to the US “Foreign Policy” magazine report, the US Department of Defense Anonymous officials said that the US government intends to increase more to Chinas defense hotline to control safety risks to prevent sneak conflicts◁△▷◆. What comments are China◁■? Tan Kefei said that China has always believed that any one of the strategies should not be contrary ▪■…○.