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[gelatin and collagen]Original title: Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Zhongshan☆◆★●: Will down-regulate the car, some daily consumer goods import tariff abstract: the Spring Festival market consumption is hot, indicating that the people have confidence in the country and confidence in themselves…◆◇▽. Liberation Daily · View Journalist Meng Qun Shu Wang Ji Le 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center Today 10pm, the Minister of Commerce, Minister of Commerce●■◇◁, Deputy Director and International Trade Negotiation “Promoting the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern to promote the high quality development of business careers●☆=▼” to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Focusing on further release of consumption potential☆▪◁, Zhongshan said that the Spring Festival market consumption is hot, indicating that the people have confidence in the country and have confidence in themselves△▪, and the masses also have the ability to buy. Our country has become a big consumer country▪☆, our consumption sca.

Original title: Foreign netizens hot comment Wang Yi Foreign Minister Reporter: Some people change “the blind”◁•○, there is a human statement to agree online: March 8th-▷▲-, the Foreign Minister Wang Yi will answer the ••▼▽”China Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations•△=” during the two sessions□▼. Reporter question…◆●. This golden sentence is frequently reported not only to pay attention to overseas media◁•-▲, but also ignited the enthusiasm of foreign netizens, they ordered the words of the foreign ministers, or affirmed Chinas foreign policy, and some people have other The countrys relationship gives an objective rational analysis◁…. Netizen talks about China and the United States “Trade Wars□▲”-★: American consumers will depressed US netizens say that China and the United States trade war will be frustrated by American consumers. This netizen believes that the trade war has no winner▪==. Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about China-US trade friction at the press conference that the experience of history is proved, and the trade war is fr.

Original title Daily Media: China to create intellectual property rights “all the way” Japan should learn from the source◇◁: China Daily Network China Daily Network March 25th, the Nikkei News 中文 网 March 23•◆○▷, published in the article “China to create intellectual property rights” all the way ” Japan should study. The content of the article is as follows: China is accumulating intellectual property rights such as patents, and is moving towards the “intellectual property power◆◆” in the industry strength. The stage is the national market and “all the way” ideas=★. In March 2017•=☆▽, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court found that the portable terminal of Sony Mobile Communications (China) has infringed the patents of China Communication Technology Corporation Xi Huadong◇▪, requiring Sony to stop selling related products and pays about 9 million yuan compensation. Sony is determined to be infringement is called ?Pure collagen pure collagen wheat protein global industry,