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[china gelatine protein]Original title: Jinan Viaraqiao Traffic peak is shown to be limited to foreign cars, is comment on the opinions•▷, the reporter learned from the municipal government network, the Jinan Viara Bridge peak is limited to foreign cars■▲◁! I am coming in the comments. Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau on the peak hours of urban elevated road traffic traffic peaks, the non-books for the number of motor vehicles•□◆, in order to balance traffic flow, according to Article 39 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China, The measures for the prohibition of non-booksports in the citys high-end roads and fast road traffic peak hours: 1▪●▽. At 7:00 to 9, from 16•=:00 to 19, the citys motor vehicle number plate is prohibited-■. Small cars enter the city elevation, fast road pass=○. Second▽★◁, the small car of the military, the armed police number plate is not subject to the above measur□◆★★.

Wei Chaoluan☆▼•, deputy mayor of the Jiaozuo Municipal Peoples Government, was suspected of serious violations▲-▲○, and has automatically investigated the case-◁, which is currently accepting the discipline review and supervision of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission. Wei Chaojie, Qi Chaojie, male◁▽, Han nationality, born in February 1963, Henan new secret person▽▽◆, graduate degree……▽, May 1984▽○, July 1986 participated in work. July 1986 – December 1998, the Office of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection; December 1998 – December 2000, Mengzhou City Deputy Mayor; December 2004, May 2004, Mengzhou Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary; 2004 May – September 2004=◁, Deputy Secretary of Mengzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor; September 2004 – November 2010•▲☆▲, Deputy Secretary, Mengzhou Municipal Committee, mayo.

Original title▼◁: Gui Jian Ambassador, the Swedish Police, the Swedish “Express-▪○▷” reporter interviewed on September 17, and the Ambassador, Gui, from the Swedish police rudely treated Chinese tourists to accept the Swedish ★▽•…”Express” reporter Lalun-•■☆. Interview-=◆. The full text is as follows▽◆□: Gui Ambassador said that I accepted the interview with your “Evening News▪□” yesterday. I said it said=★. Since you also put forward it to interview me◇★△, I can only agree•▼○. First, I will reveal a new situation to you○■□. At noon today=△, three Chinese tourists were seen by the Swedish police•…△, the head of the police station…☆★, the head of the police station, met my colleague▼…▲. He confirmed to my colleague. These three Chinese tourists did not violate Swedish laws. At the same time■▷, he also said that the Swedish police did not violate the Swedish law. We dont understand this statement of the Swedish police. First-▪☆▪, th. private label collagen powder halal gelatin edibleAbout Us.

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