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Pectin manufacturer.[gelatin to stop period review]Original title: [Island reading] Where is the risks and growth points of Chinas economic future? This speech said that [客 岛 岛 按] “Chinas open door will not be closed, the more you will be★◁, the bigger!” A few days ago, I learned a speech, and there was a voice●◁▷. Undoubtedly, the initiative to promote the newly open new pattern is derived from the deep understanding and judgment of the current situation of Chinas economic situation□-■●, which contain both existing risks and future opportunities. So▼□▽, what happens in the Chinese economy, what growth points☆▷? Today△-◆, the Heros Island wants to recommend a famous economist▼☆■▲, and Professor Wei Jie, director of the China Economic Research Center of Tsinghua University. The article was first in the blogger classmaker (BOSUM0115)◁-◆, the original title is “Professor Wei Jie: 19th National, China New Econom.

China News Network Hong Kong May 28 (Reporter Wang Jiacheng) The Hong Kong Regional Court issued an unapproved collection case that was in October 28th. 10 people such as Li Zhuying, the Founder of Hong Kong, the Communications Group, former Members, such as Li Zhuo, and Liang Guoxiong, were involved in incitement△◇◆, organizational and known, and was sentenced to imprisonment for 14 months to 18 months•◇. Among them, Li Zhuo, Chen Yu, Liang Guoxiong, He Junren was sentenced to 18 months★▽◆▷; Li Zhiying was sentenced to imprisonment for 14 months. (End) [Editor: Zhang Yanlin•△•?

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 27th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Satellite TV Large Original Age Memory Music Culture Program “Flowing Singon▼◆” third season is scheduled from 21○■★:10 every Friday from June 11. Tibetan female singer Alan Dava Zhuoa recently participated in the program record clearance accepted the reporters interview. Amateurous Alan, a sweetness, and the reputation of •▲▲”Beautiful Song Ji●-○☆” in the fans. Alan has a perfect voice that is kissed by angel, and the broad range is natural☆◇, ◁◆■☆”MY Life”◇…★, “My Life”★-, “My Moonlight●▪▽”, is a stunning. Alan singing skills returned from Japans “cultivation•★■” returns, can easily control the majestic national songs, but also play ea☆●■-. a weak acid solution consists of mostly nonionized casein protein powder industry uses

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