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[uc ii undenatured type ii chicken collagen]Original title▽◇□◁: Chinas global high-pay digging pilot, the most difficult to ask for the companys best, Liu Chuanjian, China Sichuan Airlines-▼★☆, has recently realized a fire. When a flight to Lhasa encountered a windshield at 9,000 meters▪○▷, he suddenly broke the dangers, he was successfully prepared for the Yidu Airport. Some people say●▷, “This is a history of history.○☆” Liu Chuanjian replied: “I flew 100 this route, it should be more familiar.” In fact, this reflects a professionalism of a captain. At present, the experienced captain of Liu Chuanjian has become a need for people in the world, and even the pilots are also very popular. According to ICAO estimates, by 2036★▪, at least 620,000 flippers will be required to drive more than 100 civil aviation aircraft□•, 80% of them will be newly received in the futur▪○.

Xinhua News Agency■•, March 18△☆●, on the morning of the 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the seventh plenary meeting, decided to determine the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, State Council, Minister of Affairs, Director of the Committee-☆•☆, the Peoples Bank of China★•▲, and the auditors, The Employment of the Secretary-General, Visit the 13th National Peoples Congress National Committee, Monitoring and Judicial Committee, Educational Science and Cultural Health Committee▪…, Foreign Affairs Committee▪●, Overseas Chinese Committee, Environmental and Resource Protection Committee, Agriculture and Rural Commission•••, Director▷□☆…, Deputy Director of the Social Construction Committee Brand, member of the members. In the afternoon, the delegation was held, and the draft resolutions and the draft resolutions and the draft law will be considered, and the draft decision is recommended; convene the eleventh meeting of the Bureau◇□•. (End) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▪☆▼●: Zhang Jian.

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 26 (Reporter Shi Xiaojie) 26th=…●, 2021 China International Data Industry Expo Suddenly held Chinas first DSMM (Data Security Capability Model) Data Security Service Certification Authority Unveiled Ceremony, Data Security Certification (Guizhou ) Co.◆-, Ltd. has become the first major data field certification body and Chinas first DSMM certification body in Guizhou Province. DSMM is the national standard of Chinas head data security management. This standard has been implemented from March 1, 2020, which is used to measure the level of data security capabilities of an organization, which can help the industry△□, enterprises, and organizations discover data security capabilities◇□, and the relevant authorities can also be used for dat.

Original title○◆: Jiang Ming, member of the Hefei Municipal Committee, plans to serve the Director of the Justice Department of Anhui Province, the Party Committee Secretary Anhui Pioneer Network News▼▽▲◁: In order to further expand democracy in cadres selection and appointment, we will listen to the masses, select the cadres, selection, according to ” Regulations on the Selection of the Party and Government Leading Cadres stipulate that there is currently the following integration of candidates★▼-: Lu Youqin, male…▲, Han nationality●-△□, 54 years old, born▲▪□•, born Huainan, graduate degree▪□★, masters degree, the party members of the Communist Party of China (Provincial Peoples Government Office, Deputy Director, member of the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the Provincial Peoples Government)★★•, the party group members□•, Director of the Provincial National Affairs Committee (Secretary), Party Secretary, Provincial Party Committee Deputy Ministry; Jiang Ming, male, Han nationality, 53 years old, is customized, born Huaib…□▷.Gelatin capsule.