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Contacts.[bovine collagen peptides vegetarian]Original title•■△: Jiuquan satellite launch center scenic spot is weighing March 14▷●●, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Tourism Association▼●▼, and recently issued an announcement in the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee of Gansu Province, in accordance with the National Standards of the Peoples Republic of China The division and assessment of the quality level, “Measures for the Quality of Tourism Scenic Area”, is recommended by the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Management Committee of Jiuquan City■▽, Gansu Provincial Tourism Scenic Area Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Scenic Area reaches the national 4A-level tourism The standard requirements of the scenic spot are approved as a national 4A-level tourist attraction◇★. Source: •○-▽”China Gansu Network” WeChat public account Editor▷•: Zhang ▲○.

Original title■◁◇: Paralympic Games “Hardware King” Meishan guy Huang Wen climbing traffic accident Source: Chengdu Business Daily On the afternoon of March 15-◇●, in 2016, I won five gold medals and a silver-called Huang Wen climbing in her hometown. Hong Yaxian is dying due to traffic accidents△•☆-, and Chengdu Business Reporter reporter learned from Hongya Public Security, and the cause of the accident is under further investigation. ▲ The police informed the information show that Huang Wenpan, Higher Temple Town, Higashi County, Sichuan Province, championship, world record holder. He is the most gold medal at the history of the Sichuan delegation•▼. ▲ Huang Wenpan has started to learn to swim in 2010, and the world record is created in the 94th Special Olympics Swimming Project in the 9th National Disabled Games. 2016 Rio Paralympic Womens S3 5★▷▪◁?

Original title: Deputy Governor●○, as deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee▪•◇, May 25-•…, Wuhan City held the municipal leading cadre meeting, the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, the Ministry of Hubei Province, attending the meeting, announced that the provincial party committee decided: Zhou Xianwang, member, member of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, Standing Committee , The deputy secretary…▲, and the comrades of Qian Yong no longer serve as the deputy secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, the position of the Standing Committee▼●◇…, and member. “Police NEWS” (WeChat ID: ZSENEWS) notes that Wuhan is a deputy provincial city, and the four teams of the team are depth□★. This is also within two months, Wuhan party and government a “double adjustment”-•○•. In March this year, Chen Yixin, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, visited the Secretary General of the Central Political and Legal Committee; Chairman of China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.◆■□, Party Secretary, Party Secretary, emphasized the deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee. At present-★◇▷, Wuhan Ci●•.